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You know in polling done for the banking industry they looked at seventeen thirty quite what that a broad coalition and and they really singled out a handful of Michigan for the Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and Wisconsin we've already seen in recent years have a sizeable white loading bacon can change Bob Johnson senator from Wisconsin who's up for reelection again soon in twenty sixteen he rhymes defeating rock bottom gold the incumbent outperform president trump by just about seventy thousand votes he won by nearly a hundred thousand votes over to combat and there's two hundred thousand adult they did not get kind of may be difficult to get there the key is that all beef bacon voters the fake shops that are you know quickly Republican Democrat they're more independent whole willing to pay attention and get active specifically because he had come forward and said this is something I care about not going to stand by and the quality is among conservatives there could be another anybody gets you in twenty twenty unless can sort of shoot themselves so how might the trump campaign play this because even if there are conservatives who are behind a single issue like vaping those conservatives are not going to turn into a support a bite never Sanders right my they just sit it out and if so how does the trump campaign play that it would just check it out and there's been some concern internally the trump campaign about that we've heard previously campaign manager Brad personality are we born Mr trump about all of this you know back when you're considering this breed all twenty nineteen different regulation about the cigarette industry and are you ready turn off the number of voters that are in your corner but they're not otherwise motivated to come out and that was something that seemed to kind of the way what's going on now the sudden speed towards regulation last year and it's really something where there's a kind of contagion voters that they had that you're now in the trump campaign that they may not going forward if they risk turning people off well I think the trump campaign president trump of attempted to find a compromise where only certain flavors will be banned and he Mr compass suggested it'll be closer in the future on that back but the risk during some of this is also but it won't hurt the biggest producers electronic cigarettes but rather on the smaller shops that really are more small mom and pop businesses that are right now in their corner but may not be going cold please Ryan Ryan Lovelace reporter at The Washington Times twenty minutes now after the hour on this morning Jennifer could shrink.

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