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Here's what's trending with. Let's see the first one ear Natalie. That's pretty wild cashier saves a day. I know that that's that was very unexpected the cashier, which is a woman does decks guy in the face. That was starting to fight. Good for her. Yeah. It was it was really impressive. I I give her props. He's pretty brief to especially, you know, it looks like it's late at night and like a to go place hammers. Yeah. Hey, and then at the end, you're right goes up and just shakes hands says, thank you. So. Lie on the ground. Of the one. I'm looking at it the man farts into the WalMart intercom. Yes. Had to work at a WalMart before. Because I know you can't just pick up the phone on the intercom. But he really just he lets loose and the whole working so. Does it all the time? You're gonna need to check those out, especially the WalMart. Looks like a guy that would fall into an intercom at WalMart. Slides on, you know, he's ready. He's just walking in probably late night. We'll check it out. It's fun. When you get a chance check it out at WFL. A news dot com slash a TB police. Do check it out. And if you go down farther, there is great ones if you haven't seen him already if you make your way on down there. And you gotta hear them. We had Josh Robert Thompson in studio yesterday's fantastic. And a person eater all his impressions, all the impressions. Did I yesterday Morgan Freeman Robert deniro President Trump? That's all on the blog as well. Yeah. He was incredible. And you'll get a chance to see that too. And we got a gas station fight all kinds of good things. So spend a little time. Go to WFL dot com slash A. M T V. It's five forty six on AM. Tampa Bay we go to the newsroom now Chris treatment Hillsborough county deputy won't face charges for a deadly shooting. Prosecutors determined that deputy Kevin Stevens was justified. Guide and using deadly force against a man last month. Fifty two year old hey is called her own was shot outside a home on Gregory drive. When deputies say he attacked Stevens. With a knife called her own relatives are considering a lawsuit Hillsborough deputies arrested seventeen people in a seven month drug investigation, working with the feds and statewide prosecutors. Detectives say they found a trafficking hub operating on south Forbes road in plant city. Detectives purchase more than three pounds of meth in seized thirty thousand dollars in cash. Some USF Tampa students don't agree with the recent findings of the campus. Safety study alarms dot org ranks Tampa campus has the least safe among all Florida colleges. But the US police force says crime has been dropping in recent years USS, Saint Petersburg campus. By the way ranks is Florida's third. Safest while Florida southwestern state college in Fort Myers is considered the safest overall, Chris NewsRadio w. NFL a now, let's check sports from the ninety five three WD in AM six twenty sports. Sportscenter on their Jacobson the Tampa Bay rays. Stay red hot. They make it three straight wins with an eight one win over the Orioles. They tried to go for the sweep tonight. I pitch against.

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