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October fifth. I'm Evan Haning. Jill Snyder from Bloomberg world headquarters as we've been reporting shares of tesla took a hit Friday after an SEC lawsuit raised questions about Elon Musk's future. At the electric car maker the agency accuses Moscow of misleading investors with his tweet about taking tesla. Private David Welsh is Bloomberg's Detroit bureau chief really the national brand is Moscow. Art of the things that we've been talking about over the past couple of months. The fact that he tweets out major news about the company in this case very misguided way of doing it. But some of the product news net sort of thing his fans while they haven't direct connection to him. Right. The pot-smoking on a webcast. He's a rogue CEO. He's the antidote Toyota or the General Motors. And that's one of the things that the people who of the cars over about him. That's Bloomberg's Detroit bureau chief David Welsh, Google, CEO Sundar Pichai has accepted an invitation to meet with President Trump at the White House roundtable about internet issues. Mr. Trump has accused Google of rigging the results of. It search engine to suppress conservative viewpoints CBS says it's been subpoenaed by New York City prosecutor for information related to sexual misconduct allegations against its former chairman les Moonves invest resigned nine after a dozen women came forward he has denied any wrongdoing. US mortgage rates are up for a fifth straight week. Here's Bloomberg's Charlie Pellett. Freddie MAC says the average rate for a thirty year fixed mortgage now four point seven two percent up from four point six five percent. The previous week now the highest since April of two thousand eleven the average fifteen year rate now at four point one six percent from four point one one percent rising rates Herat in the cost of home ownership after years of soaring prices that have outpaced income gains. Charlie Pellett, Bloomberg radio. Global news twenty four hours a day on air adak tick tock on Twitter, powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries. I'm Jill Snider, this is.

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