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A unique sound beetle bird book drone seen it covered it click for more we are during my farmers truck for insurance exchanges and affiliates products available in every state thank you for listening to the AP radio network for news on the go Friday eight P. mobile app get breaking US international news from the world's most trusted news source all stories from more than eight hundred local media companies choose to see the content that interest you other exports for entertainment highlights global for the latest from your home town AT mobile is available in English and Spanish and can be found on iOS and android your listening to the AP digital news network the PGA has another first time winner A. P.'s Graham a guy's reports one of the game's French players went wire to wire to win in Michigan after years of playing the many towers and surviving a family tragedy thirty six year old late lastly emerge from the shadows to win his first PGA tour event at the rocket mortgage classic at the Detroit golf club it's a career changing of and getting a when I hear it gives you job security gets you into majors you know you have two years to you know two more years to basically get more comfortable and play better at all lastly who lost his parents and girlfriend in a light plane crash in two thousand and four has been most of these golfing career in the minor leagues and opposed to just one top ten on the tour but all that changed with the stick shop we know the dog Redmond he's now owned a two year exemption and can finally pursue his golfing drame I'm grand like us one of TV's most well known entertainers is helping foot the bill for some new college students Steve Harvey says he's committed to covering tuition for eight incoming freshmen at his alma mater Kent State University Kent state said in a release that the Stephen Marjorie Harvey foundation is work with the school to provide scholarships of about twenty three thousand dollars per student they must maintain a two point five grade point average for the funding to be renewed each semester the scholarships are in memory of Devon more against a student from Cleveland who died in twenty seventeen while playing basketball the University Center the school says the foundation also committed ten.

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