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Yeah so jordan. You play in the nfl for a long time. You play with some incredible people like i have. What's your favorite memory of your time plan in the nfl. What's the one thing like if somebody like. I'd like i'm asking you now. What is your memory that you go to that. You say this was what i kind of think of when i think of my career Think i go early into my career. Because i had an opportunity to play reggie white and he showed me a different side of people. Football players being minister brought dynamic into that locker room that he was so two nations. And you know he's talking about he's hip tossing all these people come back in and come the miles and literally start talking to me about financial growth. You know how to be a good man of introducing you to people in my family my wife. You know a newborn that he when he walked into my house someone that did not know to their. He's like mantilla. I need to talk to you. And i need to get your own right path in that i always go to. It's not a play. I've had some place hit right in doing those things of. Yeah talk about that all the time but that part of my early part of my career in having someone really jumped sides Take care of your business way. You can be successful that that helped me box. Because he cared me. When i had adversity when i got when i did get traded from cut in the falcons It's so true though. like you. Coaches aren't telling talking to you about that stuff. General managers aren't talking. You know there's people they bring in to talk like though the guy you know. The team has stafford tap the players and all that. But it's people that have been there that our veterans that kind of show you the path of what you should be doing and just know that like dude your money can be gone in an instant and if you don't take care of it you know what i mean like an and you need to have because it's about your career is the long you know when we're twenty. We think we're gonna play forever and all of a sudden. We're we're in our thirties and we're like a much longer. I got whoa yet over. But i love that i love. I've played with reggie a pro bowl and was like every time he sat in a bus just tried to sit by them. You know because. I know we're on the same team so he wasn't gonna hit me. I was pretty happy about that. I cannot imagine being a quarterback boss. I commend you all the quarterbacks who do that but that rush into childhood it tony stanton and take the hit and throw the ball. Well what we're on defense both What's his name Who was a defensive tackle for you guys at dallas big cat. Yes the only at so leon. Trey johnson sets them short sets Trade johnson was left guard. Big dude liane just swipe them across like this like he was not even there and i just remember. I still talk about this. He's running directly at me with his hands up in the air. He had to be ten feet tall doing that. And i think through to like the back but it was incomplete or something then. Hit me in north goes to. I was wide open. Why don't you throw it to him. And i stopped filming. Do you see who's like running at me like you need to tell the receiver to get faster dudes massive. It's good times. But it is tough sometimes so george tell oliver fans everybody what you do in how they can follow you. Yep so. I'm a high school football coach john and second high school in plano texas. But i do have all off. Casas called tico. Take me my son and instagram. At teague teague football teague football on both on twitter and instagram you can follow the podcast. Tiki take podcasts. On twitter instagram facebook. So we do that. We have guest on. We really enjoy it. We're being a four year into it now. So we're colonists. The next series this season to write leasing to coming up. I was other last gown. Season one Your i count susan to know you're the last one. So we're we're switching muslim startup. Yeah in july guys finished in style. I like it. But i loved it. It was it was it was. We had a great time. I love how you do it. And i love the your son on there. That was a great thing. You know you guys have a good good command. He does seem like an old soul. Jt see isn't thank you for having me. Oh man for bite me to come be a part of this too. We appreciate it very much and then we'll catch up again. We are definitely definitely. Thanks georgia maybe. Next time. i'm aware of my my little washington. Football team had now. Where my washington gear so that we can kinda match up. What what. I'm gonna tell you what we're gonna do now what we're gonna do something between win redskins play cowboys We can also do minnesota and green bay too. I write legal so we we think outside the box do something fun. All right buddy right. Hey everyone thanks for joining us on. Huddle up with gus. And well thank my guest. Today george teague check him out and his podcast take podcasts and you can follow him on twitter at tcf football so i really appreciate everyone listening. Don't forget To submit your questions to me any questions you have about the nfl or other sports. So jacob julius was our guy this week jake. Hey buddy thanks. For submitting your question please go to my website huddle up with gus dot com and subscribe and like and we really appreciate everyone listening and don't forget to go to vegas sports advantage put in my code huddle up and save twenty five percent when you bet now so Thanks digital sixteen. Thirty one did news. Thanks brian. Thanks terry and thanks sounder. 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