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I couldn't hold. I had to memorize things. Client said today and i also then had chronic kidney disease and then i had kidney cancer so believe me. I was broke down on the side of the road. You know. most people who start wellbeing project may pick reupped four things to focus on as you know what i mean. Working intuition uncompetitive eat better. Whatever they choose for themselves that they're drawn to wherever they think might might help them go that next level. But like as you're saying just from your one simple heidari customization. How much better you feel like this is. What's so fun about this work and especially since well beans and ongoing project david. I think most of us know that this is not something where you just do it for a day and then like hope. Your welby gets better. You know and neutralize yet. One day is a neutralizer your ten years of bad habits. It started an ongoing kind of thing but the were we feel better in the war. We understand that six our successes hugely tied to it. the better will be and You know like with me with the hydration energy would be you know and and aliveness would be you know the pieces of the the the outcomes that come directly from that and you know for somebody else. It's going to be some other spoke and some other thing they try their but it's going to spill over into the rest of. It's like filling the tire with air. It feels the whole tire. Not just that one section so in other words on one spokes going to spill over into the others. And you're going to get you know compounding You know benefit exactly and none of us are perfect. None of us have it master to perfection. You know. I just really was inspired by the executives. I included in the book because they helped me up level vow. I'm gonna try that idea. And what i'm doing with my marketing teams creating communities around this concept. I'm super excited to hear what people are doing in these areas and anybody can email me begging by mcnealy dot com my private email. I'd love to hear what people are doing like. This is exciting to me. That people are impacted. Because i was suffering so much i said to if i ever heal if i'm ever because i was told by the doctors bedroom i do not have any of those diseases anymore and i was. I said to myself if i ever heal. I will devote the rest of my life to serving and so i'm excited to hear like anybody who's using this work. I was so excited. He like the buck and that That you have your own customization kind of locking into place here because These are all the different multi-layered aspects. In like i said i'm not perfect like i don't have a significant other right now. So my intimacy spoke is not intentionally. But it's just not where i think it's not pumped up in. The air is not in. Like where i think it needs to be but instead of pouring love into your listeners into this conversation into my soup daughter is for amazing to all my friends until you know the right man shows up right so we're not all firing on seoul cylinders all the time we're just all allied to say we're all doing the best we can. No yeah. I'm really glad that you are healed and two. I'm really glad you have this book out and then three Again you gave this site earlier. But let's let's give it again so people don't have to you know they're they're walking around her. They're on their phone del. Remember but i'll share it again one more time it's meghan. Neely dot com. It's e. g. n. subway and mcnealy m. c. n.

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