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Do you know who you orme. But he plans his cigarette. which is absolutely fantastic? Because you know when the tennis season is on now he. He normally works in antiques and as a consequence of that that's his specialty but newly when the antique season's gone choir via attorney season. Kicks Ass Lucky. He's incredibly fortunate in that respect but all of us at the same time he gets to do something that he loves. Yeah which is really important. I mean you then decide that you're going to make that leap What's been your scariest time as an entrepreneur because remember you're going from working in some pre high flying yes yes? The cash was spinning then L. O.. The cash for Spinning Manian. There was big budgets money flying everywhere. So you've got ought to stage now where you think I'm going to go solar and then what happens. Then what see what happens. It didn't go smoothly all of course it's not not flying solo. It is quite scary but exhilarating to discovered networking so that that was the do. Aw Own okay. I've got to get some clients so auto at exhausted model black book of contacts and people in the agencies who were giving me freelance work. I thought I've got to diversify here and find some clients of my own. So that's what I started networking. And what was your first experience of networking. Do you remember. I don't remember mine. I don't eat always seems to have been something that I've done and even when I say to people who how do you find your clients in no. How'd you find people that you work with and not say network and they look shocked right and to me I just? I just couldn't think of it any other way. I think you need to build would relationships with people easy to well equally as you know. Networking isn't a quick thing. You'RE NOT GONNA go along to an event and come away with. Were you making those first. I four as those connections that you then follow up with you know a coffee or a beer or wine or seeing what each other is all about and how you can help each other do you. You remember the events at Business Link that tell you Salah catering amazing amazing for twenty five eighty. I used to come there hammered. It was eight was absolutely amazing. Absolutely absolutely amazing. That was that was that was the pinnacle of networking for me. It seems crazy. That business link is no more. When there's more entrepreneurs combined canova unequally prime remember prime over-fifties though I don't remember prime prime was charity? And I think Prince Charles was the patron and and it was auditor with promoting entrepreneurs fifty and above is no more crazy absolute madness because now that massive massive market definitely massive market. I I find it. Very strange. Not Did always find it very strange terms of them getting rid of Business Lincoln for those. That don't know business link was an organization. Shen I think government publicly funded that was aimed at basically am helping entrepreneurs and growing new businesses and to a certain extent. I think thank feel. It was quite successful. I met a lot of people that got a lot of benefit from business. Made it because you could have one to one with a sort of adviser mental so it wasn't just the events. It was much more support than that. I think they devolved a lot of it into lots of smaller things and I think they gave a lot of that stuff. Through to local authority. See I know in Lucian. They've got the deck program. Yeah E. K. Program and and so on and so forth where they work with Goldsmiths Lucian Council and some other people people as well but I think for me I think business link had that very central point was very much run out of the mayor's Office for one or the maze of his thin. Yeah and I think that for a lot of people. It was a very very good way of actually seeing of businesses with doing the quality of the events were really good but it then just they just saw pull that away and I think what they wanted to create was that they wanted established businesses to mental for free. That's not gonNA work now. It's not going to work in any any shape or form and that's what I find it. I do remember those days because networking Nen seem to be. There were a lot of events. No I actually think there are more events now. Aw definitely the quality of the events to me is gone down. It's different some much smaller. Aren't they that there's quite a few ladies only ones which are just meeting over coffee but for some people it's it's baby steps into business because they failed on by either an investment into something where you know? It's a big fee and a commitment every week or every month so this is just meeting other ladies for coffee and supporting each other in business business and I think that works. I do think that to a certain extent a lot of membership networking events. I think they can work. If you've got a certain if you I want to make that commitment and you like the surroundings in the former but I would say suggest to people if you don't like the surroundings in the format don't do it. It's not really what you what you want to do do. Do you feel comfortable. Doing as opposed to a lot of people feel very daunted by. I think you should do some form of networking definitely. Don't home and then think she's a for my. I'm the meeting anybody happens. I mean so. We always took that step in terms of networking networking in terms of your business. You've had the scary times. Yeah what has been your most proudest moment business. Well a recent one was. I'm quite active on twitter in my twitter handle is at Jili underscore pepper. And I don't know whether you know but Jacqueline Gold entrepreneur the ladies on slightly and Sumus yet so she is very supportive of women in business and every week she runs a twitter competition author. Hashtag while W W and she picks three women in business to showcase and shout out and she's got sixty thousand followers and about a month ago. I was one of only pushing picked very proud of that so.

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