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Elliott coats for kids distributes winter coats to needy children, teens adults and even babies, so if you have any gently used winter coats, bring them to Jordan's and tons cleaners. We'll clean them and you'll help keep someone warm. Thanks, the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast now in meteorologist Dave Bowers. Increasing cloudiness tonight, low thirty in some inland suburbs. Thirty seven downtown for tomorrow. Periods of rain and drizzle, and at least in the morning hours could even be pockets of freezing rain in the Worcester. Hills and north of four ninety five high temperature of forty inland Forty-six downtown tomorrow night, the Raynaud ended evening then skies, clear late low thirty to thirty four Sunday, Wendy and mild clouds inside with a high of forty six Monday, Partly sunny, much, colder, high thirty two then there could be some snow and ice changing to rain in the Monday night Tuesday time, period, I'm AccuWeather meteorologist Dave Bowers WBZ. Boston's NewsRadio clouds in Boston right now. Forty three degrees. So still pretty mild. This time of year it is seven twenty five now and a look at New England business every Friday at this time, we take a look at what the heck happened on Wall Street. What did happen this week on Wall Street? Simply a dizzying ride. Dave Caruso is principal at coastal capital group. Dan verse he joins us now. So I guess Dave. You wouldn't believe this was a holiday-shortened week. Would you long week? I'll tell you that. But what it's all said and done this. This was a good week. I didn't think so at the beginning. But you know, we look at where we are first week at two thousand nineteen never know what to expect. But yeah, we're up two percent this week in the Dow actually was up eight hundred thirty two points. I'm guessing that at the early part of the week. But again, quite a good goal for the markets. Not without a lot of stress that volatility still it wasn't easy. But the bad news for the week was the fact that we got a rotten apple stock that is and and you know, sales expectations got clobbered after the slower growth coming out of China. Yes. So we had this bad. Apple stock down ten percent largest one day drop since two thousand thirteen and then guess what surprised even though it lost seventy five billion. It's back and moving up again. So who knows how quickly things can turn. Well, does it seem that these days there is no logic whatsoever? In. What's going on in the market, Dave? Yeah. I think I've gotten that sense over the last thirty eight years. Sometimes it's logic. And sometimes there isn't. But I think it's sentiment is the problem right now, it really is about how we're feeling about things. And that's not very good. When you're looking at ceilings and number. So you know, this week we had the economic numbers that nobody saw this coming with the jobs numbers three hundred twelve thousand for this week. Unbelievable. Unemployment data rallied one of the best that we've seen in years and again much slower economy. But, you know, looking at it, it's it's probably less likely that we're going to have recession talk now. So maybe that'll help a little bit with somebody. Do we saw this week as well? Dave caruso. Thank you have taken a look at these numbers. Of course, the giant jobs number this morning. The numbers on Wall Street were pretty big as well. The Dow up seven hundred fifty points, NASDAQ, adding to seventy-five SNP up eighty four points that's between three and four percent depending on which index..

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