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Labor. Well, said senator last question last time we talked, we were talking Len lease for Ukraine. Is it still alive? Is it moving? It is alive and it's the consensus position of the senators that are working on a bill that I hope will be released today. The longer we wait to Putin's not waiting on us. No, he's not. And we need to send a strong message. And we also need to buck up the administration, make sure they continue their commitment to provide Ukraine what they need to defend themselves and also president Xi and others are looking at the U.S. reaction to what's happening in Ukraine and seeing if they have an opportunity there. So it's very important and my hope is that comes together today. Last question, I will not be watching the genocide games. I love the Olympics. I'm not watching the genocide games because where they're being staged. Are you going to watch it? I am. I am not. I am not. I'm with you. I think we ought to we ought to boycott them. And so I will not. All right, good to hear senator John cornyn always a pleasure our friend from Texas leading the way and hopefully we'll become a champion not just of lend lease, but also of the tax credit for parents whose kids are in private school because we got to break this system. The system that is so indifferent to children, we just must break it. And the way to do that is with a tax credit. Come back. Michael Oren Reed joins me. We talk about this attack in Syria, breaking news, always comes first on the Hugo at show, stay with me, America. Welcome back, America, who you are breaking news until hours ago. Abu Ibrahim Al Hashemi Al karoshi was the head of ISIS. He's dead. You have special forces striking and Idlib Syria, a place that's about 300 miles from Jerusalem. So it's a lot closer to Michael Oren's land than to ours, although I think Michael Lawrence and the U.S. today, former ambassador from Israel to the United States, doctor Michael oran, good morning, doctor Aaron. What's this headline mean to you? It's always welcome news with a leader of ISIS or Al-Qaeda or Hamas or Hezbollah gets to pass out of this world. I just was never particularly due to the major threat by Israel. You should know Hugh. The ISIS from our perspective was several thousand men mostly with light arms and machine guns on the backs of trucks. Our biggest threat of his bola was a 150,000 rockets pointed at our city. That's a major threat. But that doesn't mean we're anyway not relieved to see one of the major commanders of ISIS eliminated. It's always good news. Now let's turn to other news. You know as a diplomat, Russian diplomats, you've been reading, I'm sure the Russian diplomatic exchanges with the United States over Ukraine, Russian has condemned U.S. troop deployment this morning. What do you make of it? Do you think Putin ever backs down from the invasion now? It's difficult to use up on a high tree or a high ladder for you choose getting it down is not going to be easy. And apparently the United States can't commit to ensuring that Ukraine will never join NATO. It creates a sovereign state. But I think the United States can find some legal room in what kind of systems get deployed in the eastern branches of NATO. Those of us who also have to remember the Cuban missile crisis, remember how. Unsettling it was to have Soviet missiles pointed at Florida in Cuba. So I think there's some wiggle room there. I don't see the Russian incursion of any depth as necessarily pulled out of conclusion..

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