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Get was another day of big losses for stocks technology and retail shares were among the biggest decliners the Dow Jones industrials fell five hundred fifty one points or two point two percent at twenty four thousand four sixty five the NASDAQ closed one hundred nineteen points, lower a loss of one point seven percent. The S and P five hundred lost forty eight points or one point eight percent. Carla Harris of Morgan Stanley tells Bloomberg there is no reason to panic advice, Geno. They've been not to run out of the market at this point because frankly, our economies, and our strategies is still pretty constructive about this market. But to have a little bit of patience era says investors should take advantage of market dips to by names and industries, they like homebuilders got to work on more new projects last month. And in September. The government reports housing starts rose one point five percent in October to an annual. Rate of one point twenty three million with business at twenty five and fifty five past each hour. From the Bloomberg newsroom. Jeff Bellinger, NewsRadio seven eighty and one zero five point nine FM. This is Brian Wickert owner of accurate mortgage. It's that time of year when home sales slowed down. But the best deals are often struck. I'm looking to help. Those intrepid home shoppers who are still on the hunt despite the wintry weather now, I realize most people just go with their Bank for their pre approval. But I'm offering something really different and better rock-solid guaranteed. Preapproval guarantees you and the seller in writing that if that can it can't make good on the pre approval, we'll pay you and the seller a thousand bucks each that's called putting your money where.

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