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You go. You're not a big deposit. Dylan fan. There are no no, I respect him as a songwriter. I think he was a great songwriter, but I think his voice was. I think that's why I like him. A nasal voice like I have. Maybe so it is true about his brother Marvin Gaye going back to Marvin Gaye. He said. He was very much affected by my my letters. My brother was sending me from Vietnam as well as social situation here, and I realized I had to put my own fantasies behind. If I want to write songs that would reach the souls of people. I wanted them to take a look at what was happening in the world. What kind of art will come out of the year 2020 What type of creativity Is going to come out What Masterpiece songs and albums will come out of 2020 hung the one that I like that's come out. But the Rolling Stones said that they wrote it before the epidemic even happened is their new song. That was a good song, and I do like Luke homes. You sound that came about, you know, talking about when will there be concerts again? And when will we be able to hug each other again? And I liked that song, and I'm sure that there's songs that are being Recorded right now that could be a masterpiece next year, or 2022, based on everything that's going on in the country in the world right now Number 10 album Lauryn Hill. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. She came from the Fuji's Ah, and just a brilliant record. I don't know about top 10. But They sure like that? Yeah, well, the food she's were big. You know, it's ah Luke Home song is called 6 ft Apart. Also, you know he's talking about and you know, like, when are we gonna be ableto hang and hug each other. What am I gonna be able to be at a concert and I don't know. But it has it or not. Great was take Rob. Rob Colin from Colorado Springs will join us. What's going on Robert Gallery. Hey, Good morning. You mentioned paraquat. Kelly Back in Ella. I grew up okay? I moved out here in 19. 3. What station was that? 94 7 K. Me? T the mighty Met a little bit of heaven 94.7. The home of Dr Demento show. That's right. Yes, I worked there for four years in the mid eighties and When I first started there in 1983, part time weekend guy I would cross over with Dr Demento. I would finish my show at six and he'd come on a 6 P.m. on Sunday night. There's not another so like it anywhere now. That was just the masterpiece of a show I was gonna have You remember Mark and Brian? Oh, yeah. Well, funny story. I have a second to tell it. I was driving to work. It was about eight o'clock in the morning I was driving towards the will stirs district off to 10 Freeway, and they started Talking about how they were going. They had somebody steal one of the boxes, Big boys. Remember. Remember that Yu out front, They hired somebody to make a white Elvis jumpsuits. They closed. The Bob's big boy in this jumpsuit, pushed it out of an airplane with all the smoke trailers and landed it on top of the Capitol Records building. Wow, lucky nobody got killed. It was all part of the show. Some guy rigged up whole parachute system. It was all remote control. And I mean he pinpointed that doctor right on top of the Capitol Records building Well, Mark and Brian are going in the Radio Hall of Fame. Total Legends Morning guys at KLOS, Los Angeles. They were. Yeah, they were great. Are they still around? I know they went off the air for a while. No, they're they're done. One of them left before the other way. The other kind of continued on his own on then, hey, did that for about a year or two, and then he's out, too. So they're both out of the game. Yeah, I wish I could find some old archives because they their Christmas shows they have the Black crows do a 12 string acoustic version of Oh, Christmas. I can't remember my head but all you just brought up all these great memories by mentioned Derek Paraquat. Not doing well, by the way for you, l a people. He's been battling M s For probably I want to say 10 years now, and that doesn't usually end. Well, unfortunately. He was a heck of a talent anyway. Thank you guys very much for taking my calls. I got well, you've got to Yeah. What.

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