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Rookie running back tj logan had the same injury and will end up missing about eight to twelve weeks and the cardinals are signing running back dj foster off the patriots practice squad i foster actually played it arizona state and so is they're going to try to plug that whole but david johnson supposed to be there bell cow like a lady on bell only a little more versatile so that's a huge blow we also know that alan robinson has a torn acl what of the top targets for blake bortles one of the lead receivers forty jacksonville jaguars and were waiting still to find the extent of other injuries for instance dini would head the ravens suffered a hamstring injury now sure exactly how serious that is but other than the injuries especially their devastating we guan is just stick your tell when the water that's what it's all about no need to freak out it's not the end daulby y'all either victory or defeat so what takeaways from week wind after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio reaches listing in baltimore rich welcome to after hours uh thanks for taking my call we will talk with a share thank you uh wall had widow i want activity through quick take away um also watched the ravens play the vandals who was a very much a surprise considering how many injuries we had uh on training camp now preseason uh bought uh our defense looks uh pretty diesel and most importantly it looks like ravens was muslims were coming back to the former uc of afc north wounds with roller ground and complement this killers the bengals uh browser a big surprise they really off stuck in there quite a bit with uh and out with the.

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