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Kinds of good stuff going on there and hey, game scoop game, scoop, Gary. What are the the game scoop that there is a podcast that has been around for five hundred? No, wow. That's a long time. This Friday, they're five hundred episode of games, game scoop abuse at its every now, and then they take a break, but they've been around ten years by years. Wow, forever. So anyway, I'm going to be on that along with Damon Hatfield, Sam clayborn just Davis the mega cops, all the regular, special guests, etc. That'll be this Friday at I. If you're gonna be there all say hi TI there, but check that out when it goes live as well. And today's episode kind of funny games daily brought to you by third love and loot crate, but we'll get to that moment. But I. Hell a special segment a special segment. That's right. Well, I know what could it mean. What does this large wondering about this white mystery box that we have on the on the table here, Gary would Greg Miller wanted to save this for you touched use, her are British and there gave it away. Therefore the most qualified person among us to open this box. Now what's contained within has a special place in my heart, but momentum to. Compared to the special place in your heart. So this is something that was announced on time ago, and I've been keeping an eye on him very excited about and now it's here. It is the c sixty full mini or a guess the Commodore sixty four. That's the see the Commodore sixty four mini. When I was a kid when at the same time in the kind of early to mid eighties, the everyone was everyone here in the United States was playing either the Sega master system or more likely than intendo payment system. Yeah, I was playing annoy my British cohorts in the UK will play in the Commodore sixty four. That was the gaming system to have. Okay. So even though it was a home computer was oriented toward playing video, it was. It was one of those things that much like its rival system to sink Zedek spectrum. Yeah, I'm not was never necessarily intended to be a games machine, but that's what that's what the market turned it into. It just became the game system. There's a lot of fascinating history behind the sixty four. The thing was. Slapped together over the course of a very short period of time by some very intelligent and hardworking, Commodore engineers, the owner Commodores make me a computer, make it quick, and a lot of its game playing ability comes from them. This using parts that were laying around that happened to be games are Cade hardware oriented. Right? And so they created semi accidentally this awesome game machine. Yeah. Also particularly about having probably the best sound chip ever put in this. Yes, I d- sit chip created tip chip tunes, the like of which have never been rivaled if the only chip tune music you've ever heard is from the n. e. s. go listen to some Kono sixty four music because it just has this throaty kind of base quality to just just kind of feel to it that the n. e. s. never the sound chip sounds very flimsy compared to what it's a very different kind of sound. The and the township actually has more channels than the said, but the Senate has this just bizarre. Wonderful quality. Yeah. On composers ROY Hubbard a mountain goal were able to just do just do magic tricks with in enabled us to make it sound like Admiral channels, and it really did. So we've introduced the sucker. I think it's time Gary for you to open it up. So glad this thing exists. We've obviously been through did we're going through this retro period right now where all the all the boxes from from from days of your life, the n. e. s. on the super NS all being shrunk down. Obviously, the play session classic is coming shrunk down and and reload. Launch. Yeah, and I've been excited about the n. e. s. and and the PlayStation classic and the super any s classic and all of those systems. But they don't have a true nostalgic feeling for me because I didn't really grow up with them..

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