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Doesn't matter the point. Is that the effect in question is related to a more quote unquote quote almond shaped line formed by one variation on the ethnic antic fold commonly seen an East Asian ethnic groups. So what's the problem right. That is is a reasonable distributor. Not really there are Chinese people who have large wide set eyes and Chinese people who have small inward set is the actual. Anatomical placement of the fold can drastically change what one is looks like it is fundamentally inefficient and distracting writing thing. It's not a good description and best. It means nothing specific unless at worst you have one idea of what a Chinese person in looks like which is somewhere between white and eldrick which is why. I think it's pretty fucking to raise this. Like what a fifty six. This is nineteen ninety. Like if I read that in a lovecraft story I'd be like Whoo Hoo. Let's back off their buddy where the fuck was his editor. Where was everyone in this pipeline? who was like? Hey Steve. Hey That's pretty racist dog. Don't be doing that all right. Let's get those get Outta here. We yeah let's bail let's take it to needful themes are literary analysis section. I want to hear more of your voice. I don't think you've talked enough good news. We didn't plan this well and now I have even more things to say so that when you have your four minute timer timer out so I can tell you more hot aches five four three two. So we're going to be talking about degrees risk of abstraction in horror to catch us up horror as we have talked about before is an ideal genre to discuss issues which are taboo or disturbing by nature. Because it's so sean read that is intended to disturb however the ways in which horror writers may choose to engage with broad often. Difficult topics varies wildly. Today we'll be talking specifically about obstruction in our case. We're talking about using literary methods to create distance in meaning from a given topic. I find and this is easiest to talk about an examples. So let's say you wanted to talk about depression. The we subtracted one can get is to actually just write a story about someone who is struggling with depression. How how do they cope? What are they go through? If you wanted to abstract this you would maybe write a story about a person who is being possessed say and as the possession takes hold sold its effects on the protagonist. Look an awful lot like the effects of depression for a stellar example of this. See the movie the Baba Duke. But we've talked about not all that before what I really want to get to is stories like this one that mix levels of abstraction. I think it's one of the big secrets to Stephen King's success pass in the library. Policeman were dealing with two different kind of levels of abstraction around the topic of childhood sexual assault on one literal level. We have the protagonists literal experience. A Harrowing Textual Account of Rape On the other hand. We have a monster are Delia. WHO's a kind kind of fear? Vampire somewhere between Dracula and it both are very useful when looking to dive into a topic as difficult and potentially fraught as sexual assault with a concrete depiction of trauma. You have more control over the level of seriousness. Your audience attributes to a problem. It's hard to argue that a piece like this one is belittling the seriousness of rape but as people we also need broader meaning associated with issues. This is where our Delia comes in. She feeds off the fear of victims victims. Who Trust her as an authority figure? This creates a metaphorical framework from which we can understand the concrete trauma vampirism as well as the lesser themes of parasite Tisza. Give us a shape for the emotional fallout of trauma. These themes suggest that like the victim of a vampire. The victim of a sexual assault may feel. They have something taken from them. They also hinted other important macro level concerns such as the idea that the Predator is not necessarily visibly monstrous until they attack and Stephen King does this all the time. The shining is a story at at least partly about alcoholism. Jack Torrance is drawn to self-destruction both literally through his alcohol abuse and figuratively through his obsession with the overlook. The the same might be said about misery. Paul Sheldon is figuratively held hostage by his addiction to painkillers. While being both literally held hostage and literally addicted addicted to painkillers. It's in the relationship between the two depictions literal. Abstract that Stephen King can make a deeper statement about the fraud topics at hand Phoenix. How much time you have forty two seconds all right So I also wanted to just say that. I think that the differences this is in these across books is what. Let's get away with writing about alcoholic writers all the time because the ground level. Oh this character is an alcoholic writer ignores is the abstract level of what the monsters doing. Tommy knockers shining very different stories. Because they're abstraction points or difference you get different types you too meaning out of it now. How do what he said? uh-huh route your Dan. Thanks cool. That's fun yeah what did you think that was good. I liked that you mentioned the that like that. This might be on purpose. Oh he might be doing this as a way to make it more interesting. Because this particular piece and his whole embolic was ripped for being formulaic. I thought that was unfair. At least half based on your evaluation of these default yeah and people are always going to rip genre. Perfection is formulaic. Because that's what makes it. A coherent genre is that it relies on certain tropes certain plot structures and it's in the specific specific differences between stories. That you get interesting meaning out of genre fiction but there there's always going to be critics or like it's just the same story the and it's like not dude it it's fine just you're missing the point. You're missing the point anyway. Always comes from people who watched all of friends than watched all of like. Yeah Man I duNNo. Stories is stories at the end of the day. You're always going to have have something that that's been done before. So just right just go out and write some cool stuff. I mean let's take it to. Which one do I shoot?.

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