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Megan Williams is in Rome with a story, and a reason apparently, sir Switzerland-based European organization for nuclear research has just opted not to renew its contract with talion physicists Ellison throws threw me out last year. He presented a paper at a conference on gender in physics where he claimed to show how male scientists not female. Suffered widespread discrimination in job promotion. Scientists around the world called threw me as data analysis. Partial flimsy and biased the first female director of Sern. Fabiola Gianotti noted women make up only twenty percent of physicists, Megan Williams, ABC news, Rome and finally on this International Women's Day. We all know it's been proven women earn about eighty percent of what men are and yet we live longer than men. That's the voice of Samantha Anderson. She's a certified financial planner and the co chair of the women's initiative with the national association of personal financial advisers and yes, gender plays a role in financial strategy. Women are doing all the right things. They're actually better savers than men. They're better investors. They outperform them in their portfolios, but women about seventy percent of their wealth and cash, so although they're outperforming men. They're only doing it on a small portion of their wealth because they're so risk of. I and and not competent enough to get their money in the market. Bottom line women need to build confidence to invest so they can confidently build their nest you can quote me on that. And I've got a lot more with Samantha on our website right now. It's WBZ ten thirty dot com. Traffic and weather together in a minute..

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