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Especially especially the americans like say if you have a few 'afghan on what the word is at gannon. You have a visa or legal rights to be in the united states of america. I i think being an american citizen in american supersedes that so they have to get the americans out of there i but they're still stranded as the reports and it's just unfortunate and if you in american woman this out there stranded home god is dire straits just fortunate joe much love to you but you dropped the ball on this when you should have got every because they're not the military they only they need to do is get on a plane and get out of there. They're not equipped for that. They're hiding somewhere and he's moved small towns in in these. The taliban right they're looking for looking for them and they go. This is some fortunate as sad sad. Imagine the horrific situation to be in. if you're in america were plaque black. We african american woman out there. And it's that great. But i'm just saying like and the fear that can imagine a fear that the person is going through that the. Us government is leaving this this this territory this country and he didn't get you out that's horrible and now you gotta find your way out and if you don't you don't get into put in a dungeon and then then they're going to have to apples outside it's not gonna be good widows build you can't have no hairstyles out there this there's no internet there's nothing it's just it's almost a barbaric state and it's unfortunate very sad so ladies got boom god bless america. God blesses country. We'll get you here done. Can they don't have no hair salon. Nelle salons out there plugging you're bugging you take your lashes you wearing right now. Today was sentenced to six lashings with the moon. Thank god step in this country. The wire actor michael k williams was found dead in his new york city apartment. I know him from other things. Besides the wire it puts my he Michael k williams who portrayed notorious stick up man omar little the wire was found dead of a suspected heroin overdose in his brooklyn. Pant house Monday afternoon Williams who is fifty four was discovered face down and unresponsive in the dining room of his luxury a williamsburg apartment a relative of the emmy. Winning actor talk to him. Friday and williams was supposed to show up to an saturday but never meet it. The relative went to williams home on monday and someone had called the cops to the address just before two. Pm saying that there was a man who is unresponsive and feels cold Williams who had talked openly about his struggle with drugs was pronounced dead by authorities. I'm adding that it appeared. The tv star had fatally adid unclear. How long they actor may have been dead. No foul play indicated. A police source said and no forced entry in the apartment was in order. A man sat sobbing alone at a table outside williams apartment talking into his cell phone saying that he found the body. The inconsolable man said williams longtime rap confirmed the actor's death in a statement They said it is with deep star family announces. The passing of emmy nominated actor. Michael kenneth williams they ask for your privacy leaving his while grieving this unsurmountable loss cops investigating where the drugs found williams home. Ken might have came from the city. Medical examiner's office was that williams building. Monday afternoon Leader in the afternoon family in france can be seen hugging each other He was also michael. K williams was also known for playing chalky white a bootlegger and the prohibition era. Hbo series boardwalk empire. The wire williams headset lovecraft country. I think to yes. Williams had said he brought his personal experiences including his own struggles to his role to try to give the characters more nuance he said. I use my job to engage empathy and compassion for people. Society might stereotype ostracized. Maybe recipe's young man. I i think. I think that a right. He played one wire. That was a dope character. But i believe the character. He played embroiled walk. Empire was better than that he ripped and broke pie and again. It's unfortunate and the number me. Los angeles that was new jersey area passed away for the same thing. Overdose of Of drugs in that happened on friday and now this young man in our condolences go out to the family. And it's just unfortunate managers. These drugs will take you out and is this is. This is a sad situation. Made his young man rest in peace. A i never met him. I don't know him everybody that knows of now. I know say he was just the brooklyn night. Walking around the street everybody loved him in may rest in peace in again all collection of work we can of god has blessed to see his work moving forward but These drugs are real out new streets man and it's just like it will you will overdose and dive in. This is unfortunate. And we're not. Kim is but we have an addiction. I know why do i did drugs. I did them all. And i've shared disciplining your times and only by grace of god. I'm here but you you take a certain amount of drugs are outta here man. It's just unfortunate so made his young man rest in peace. I hope and pray that he died of a natural. 'cause i hope he. I hope it wasn't a drug overdose. Deaths drop dead but a great young man. We loved them on television and may recipes. I a barwick. You guys find me why because on our facebook. I am by becoming the instagram designer. Babe on snapchat design obeyed. Three eight on take. Yes you guys can find me on. Sunday sunny underscored and instagram's then he jams now china is third show harvey on facebook. Show call for a great show today. And if you guys never see broad walk empire have you ever seen that all you gotta slide. Download that broad wards empire is ultimate binge watching on hbo. Max everybody put a number one. If you had briefly watch broad walk empire. He played his character in. Broke empire was amazing. So i would salute. This young man may recipes. I.

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