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Smart as hell and he doesn't need play action. Let's just get the ball to his hands as quickly. it's not it's not correlated. Bountygate zip i. I thought that's what we were doing. And i was like wait. What how. it's not. Yeah okay. I think i think maybe painting just came to a realization in that year off that he had because you didn't coach that year i don't know but that was. That was the point. And i think that plays to james's strengths more and it's not just the. Oh james. Does the ball downfield. And he's really good at it. Thing it's jameis. Winston throws interceptions two linebackers. Like it's like an art and i have numbers here. That are pretty crazy. James whitson accounted for three point. Five percent of all the passes thrown in the season last year all. Nfl passes he accounted for thirteen point. Two percent of the picks that were intercepted by linebackers and he was four times more likely to throw a pick to linebacker on a given play than the average quarterback one point six percent of his passes were picked off by linebackers like aaron rodgers. Interception percentage overall is lower than that like every year. And that's linebackers mckinney. Honest complete total serious football question. Why mike why. What is it about james linebackers. Lazic is not accessible acceptable ago. That was going to be my answer. No i think it's the thing where janus likes to anticipate windows opening up. And when you're doing that against zone coverage is usually the second level defenders you have to worry about and those are the guys your your bisecting with the with the throws and sometimes james is wrong. He guesses wrong but he guesses a lot in the ends up throwing picks to those linebackers but play action. That's actually there's a big deal. Play action sucks those linebackers up to the line. They don't have that depth they intercept those balls that he's throwing downfield in the intermediate area. And i think if we lean heavily into play action the saints are going to be able to avoid some of those james turnovers and if you look at his his two thousand nine hundred ninety three to thirty picks he actually had like a league average interception rate on play action. He threw all. I think he threw one interception on play action. All the rest of the interceptions. All twenty nine. Where on straight dropback bruce. Arians soon no adjustment like no. I'm not gonna adjust but champagne will recognize that we saw him. Change the offense for tatum hill. Other that's a little weird. You have to change the offense when you have a tight end playing quarterback but i think that's going to be a big difference it. If peyton leans into it. I think james could have a big year and i think the saints can be closer in this game than people expect. Yeah you're talking to to proud believers in saints. Wild card berths over here in mayan kaelin. Who i am the ringer. Nfl staff nations. Both have the saints may out hard. Yeah oh you have all. Wow all right. We've got sean payton truth up here okay so we we all made this big even before the the the trade with the texans born at robie bradley roby. Is he the one. That's out saints young. It's very difficult to keep track of. Who's on the texans more on that later. Why like this is a team. That was anticipated would lose people in the cap affected year in twenty one. They absolutely did defensive line. Depth is shot. Michael thomas is not in the buildings or requiring marquess. Calloway and drake smith. It is not the idyllic saints rosters of old so why still remaining faith comes down plain simple though i trust and sean payton one like. I think that he's going to be able to find a way to get the same back in the playoff possession. You also look at the division. Playing the falcons and the panthers i know they got the buccaneers. But you look at their schedule. It's not complete. It's not too scary for them to get to the play offs that being said. I know that you don't have the deepest roster but and you mentioned ben like the fact that they had the trade for bradley roby They i know that they added a doesn't you're also veteran quarterback to a I guess i didn't trust ken. Crawley much playing opposite of marcus lattimore and they've had some injuries. But you still look at the front. Seven has lost a trey hendrickson as well. But i still have faith that. They're going to be able to pressure quarterback they can stay healthy and i think the kaman jordan Do like roach from texas defense lineman. I think what they're going to be able to do. Especially with the mara davis patrolling the middle of that linebacking core. I think that their defense is still going to be good enough to help them get through. And then if you couple that with the assertion that sham peyton is going to at least maybe not maximize but get a little bit more out. James winston on that out offensive. And even without michael thomson that lineup. They're going to be able to generate points. And i do think that when you couple all these factors together the saint should they have make up a playoff team at least in the nfc. I wouldn't be shocked at all. I'm not really concerned about the cornerback. I know that's a thing that people have been concerned about during the offseason but the way they played defensive play a lot of t y they're going to have to saint deep. They're gonna have a lot of help. I really don't think it's going to be that big. An issue and the main concern is depth. But that's also the main concern with the bucks. Both these teams have pretty good. Starting lineups of the buffs have a great starting lineup. I think it's a little bit different because it's the it's the concert with the box because there's literally nothing else that can be the concern with box. You're you're allowed to be concerned about james with the saints. That's phil also legit. That's true but like if everything goes right for james. This is a very good starting lineup. And if they stay healthy. I think this is going to be a very good team. And it's not like drew. Brees was great last year when healthy like he was wasn't like a top level quarterback so i don't even think james has to like blow up to even match breeze gave them and they were a playoff team. And i have faith in dennis allen. Dennis how is one of the best offensive. Coordinators league has been for the last four or five years and nobody ever talks about it. Like everyone wants to talk about staley. They wanna talk about the fangio's the bowls. Those people deserve all that credit. But dennis allen is just quietly been.

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