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Way it sounded last Saturday at Gulfstream park in Helen L beach, Florida. PDL with the call of white a barrio. Winning the Florida Derby, running his record to four for 5 lifetime and the son of race day has been really, really good. His only defeat coming in the Kentucky jockey club stakes at Churchill last November and wondering if that might be a little bit of concern for way to barrio, has done great at Gulfstream, four for four, but over one outside of the sunshine state, expected to be joined by his trainer safi Joseph junior, however, just got a text from safi that he is not able to make it here this morning. So we'll go ahead and give him a pass. You know, he's big league now. I remember sappy Joseph junior when he was training in Barbados and nobody knew who safi Joseph junior was, except for my good friend, the pontiff of the pick for Jude feld, then he introduced me to him and now all of a sudden he's on the Derby trail and he's got one of the favorites and he's big time. So now just giving him a hard time. He is, he's tied up at the moment, won't be able to join us here this morning, but it's okay. 'cause it gives us a chance to talk about what we saw from white of barrio and what we saw from that race last week. And I started the show by kind of recapping the poll question from last week, where I asked you which of the three races the Arkansas Derby, the Florida Derby or the Jim beam stakes appeared to be the deepest field. And it was a runaway. So many of you said it was the Florida Derby. And if that's the case, does that mean that the winner of the Florida Derby way to barrio? Since he beat the deepest field, is now the horse to beat in The Kentucky Derby. Do we look at it that way? I don't think you can. But you could make that case. He won what many of you, at least last weekend, thought was the deepest prep race. He won it, going away. Good effort too in that race. Let's not overlook what happened with charge it. Didn't have the best beginnings. Got himself into position under Louis syes, who, look, I mean, you're going to put a jockey on a horse now. There are some great ones out there. Johnny V, Joel. Mike Smith. Erotic Ortiz, Jose or there are some fantastic jockeys out there. But Louis zayas as good as it gets. And he got that horse into a great position, the horse ran big. To punch his ticket to The Kentucky Derby if they do decide to go that direction. But why the barrio? He looks like the real deal. Now, people will knock him because of the fact that he has only won at Gulfstream park. But I think he's matured. I think sappy has him where he wants him to be. He'll be making his third start of 2022. Which, you know, in a horse's form cycle, we hear that all the time in handicapping, the third start is typically one of their better starts, maybe their best start, he'll have him ready to peak. Four weeks from today on Derby day. And as I told you, many times we talked about this last week, the Florida Derby has produced more Kentucky Derby winners than any prep race in the history of The Kentucky Derby. And the longest drought that we have seen from the Florida Derby in terms of producing a Kentucky Derby winner. Has been 5 years. Think about that. And how consistent that race has actually been. The longest drought in the Florida Derby. Has been 5 years. If you go back to the 1990s. 2017 was the last horse to come out of the Florida Derby and win The Kentucky Derby, always dreaming that was 5 years ago. You had 5 years from big Brown in 2008 to orb in 2013, you had 5 years from monarchos in 2001 to barbaro in 2006. So if you go back to 2001 21 years of history, the longest gap has been 5 years. We are due for a horse to come from. Now, that doesn't necessarily mean it's the horse that wins. The Florida Derby, but that has been the case and all the scenarios I just mentioned. It could be a horse, it could be a horse that was second could be a horse that was third. It could be simplification. He's going to the Derby. He didn't have the best of trips in the Florida Derby. Maybe simplification is the horse. You want to go back even further. Thunder gulch in 1995 to monarchos in 2001, that's a 6 year gap. You don't see it often in the Florida Derby. Makes you think this is the year. Poll question today. I asked you if you could only watch one of the three Derby prep races. Coming up this afternoon. The wood memorial, the bluegrass takes of the Santa Anita Derby, which one are you going to choose? You can only watch one. It's the bluegrass stakes it's a runaway winner right now. 52% of the vote saying it's the bluegrass stakes. Now 53%, 27% for the Santa Anita Derby, 20% for the wood memorial. And speaking of the San Anita Derby. You're going to hear from Joe Moran, who is the racing man drew in my racehorse, the California racing manager. Forbidden kingdom, messier, in a fantastic showdown. Later today, in Arcadia, California. And forbidden kingdom, a horse that a lot of people have very high on their list. They have him circled..

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