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You still like are obsessed with and looking for ways to put into like a future show or maybe look a little deeper like. Is there any it person that we would find. Maybe waiting in the wings. Yeah yeah I mean like basically one of the first stars I ever knew about was Natalie. Wood She died when I was. It's like a year old and my mom was obsessed with her. My mom thought that I looked like young natalie wood when I was like five years old and so she was just talking about Natalie Wood all the time and of course I didn't didn't really understand the nuances of Natalie. Wood story when I was five years old but It's something that has continued to fascinate me but the thing is like there isn't really a great natalie. Wood biography Raffi. There's still a lot of questions about her manner of death. It feels like the story is an over and I had like at one point. I actually started started trying to do a season that would be about the three stars of Rebel without a cause. That who all died young so it wouldn't be her James Dean and Salma Neo And I started looking into it but like the books about Natalie. Wood aren't good. The books about James Deen Aren't good and so like maybe like down the road somewhere like I. I would write a book about that where I did all new research by. Its I had to put it on the back now. I would love you to because I feel like. We don't don't have like they did. Someone just did a podcast in US weekly. Just do a podcast awful. I stopped listening. They didn't do nothing hap. It wasn't that good and just like such such a bummer. Because that story is so like people would love to hear it now. Robert Wagner is still alive. The story is not over yet so it was nice. The thing is is that like I mean maybe stuff will come out when he dies. I think people still feel like. Don't cross Robert Wagner for some weird reason you guys know the restaurant restaurant in West. Hollywood Dan Tana's yes it's like classic old place I was there went to some friends at the bar. And somebody asked me a question about Natalie Wood and if I I thought Robert Wagner killed her and I was like I don't know and then a guy who was just sitting at the bar drinking whisky by himself turned around and like tap me on the shoulder and was like what like what you say. Rubber Wagner is a killer like I was like I don't know Sir and that he reaches into his Blazer and pulls out his cell phone on and scrolls and then he shows me a Selfie he took with Robert Wagner and he says I don't think so. Oh my God do anything there. Oh my God. Hubbert Wagner defenders crucially sipping whisky behind you at a restaurant. That's like that's like a true horror movie. Legroom House of wishes think accomplish something as a wrestler by true. Oh my God and that that creeps me out so much because like there's something that happened there too that the hopefully fully I mean it has to come out like it has to whether or not foul play like. We don't know what happened on that boat. Yeah but I was GonNa ask you so. She died. Drowning owning Jamesy died in the car. Accident had Salmonella Typhi Salmonella. He was he was killed in an alley in one thousand nine hundred seventies and when he was gay. I don't think he was killed. I don't think he was gay bashed but he he had sort of a secret life and then he was killed in an alley. Oh my God his killed in an alley hikes okay. But we're going to stop right here. Four SEC format break Lindsay. Where's your next trip? Where will you need away next? I Oh thanksgiving probably like going home for Boston. He acts on to be there for a while. Supplies needed pack lake more clothes than usual. got a pack. Your microphone. GotTa pass the microphone in the away. Fortunately the hard shell. That keeps the microphones safe. Yeah thank God we have. You're going to be in a bathing suit in November and Boston's gotTa hot dumb. Are you kidding me. You Bet. Thank God you can fit it in your way back to. y'All away with the pockets on the front..

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