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Well first of all let's talk about saquon what ultimately we know what you think of his talent hall of fame touched by god yeah ultimately what separated saquon from potentially trying to line up your quarterback in the next fifteen years really and truly saquon was a top player on our board and draft is about value and it's nothing negative about any other player but he was he was the top player on board and you know the the biggest thing guys is you know so now you say stuff well he's gonna improve out you know make running game better i mean the kid can take it to the house from any spot in the field he's gonna make receiving game better because you got excellent ends he's he's a match up nightmare on linebackers the next thing he's going to do is the toughest thing for running back so rookie running backs excuse me guys the toughest thing for rookie running backs pick up stuff but you know that real well so you know and he does it he sees the biggest thing sing it and figuring out you know on the scam protections who we have to pick up and the next thing is wanting to do it and the next thing is doing it so he's got all that stuff and the other thing he's going to do is keep our offense on the field which means the defense has rested so with all that was all that thought you know and each just a wonderful young man and he's got all the qualities of wanting to be a pro now guys near to two levels of player in i league the professional football players in the guys playing professional football.

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