Waller County, Mister Turner, Houston discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


In Waller county the order follows what here is for the band and other counties have already had in place with the regards to social gatherings restaurants bars and fitness centers do on says that it will be changed as needed fort bend county opening its first covered nineteen testing site tomorrow it's for healthcare workers or those with symptoms are high risk factors factors you must first undergo a telehealth screening process well used to measure Mister Turner is telling city employees questioning why they're being forced to work during the Copa ninety outbreak to suck it up and be the public servant that they were hired to be if they just feel uncomfortable and they don't want to work they certainly can exercise the vacation time or the accrued sick leave time but what the city of Houston the government cannot do is that we cannot afford to send thousands of employees home who are not able to do their jobs remotely but they're just going home and they continue to pay for them by their at home we just don't have that ability Turner says city employees who can work at the home or doing so as for the many private businesses that remain open the mayor says you can check with the county to see if you're considered essential or not well for it is set to partner with GE and three M. on making face shields ventilators and air purifying respirators to fight coronavirus executive chairman bill Ford junior says engineers have found a seat cooling blower that's used in the Ford F. one fifty truck can also be used in a filtration system ward and three M. have a goal of churning out as many as ten times more respirators that are currently being manufactured to meet the needs of the healthcare industry the automaker is looking into changing over an assembly plant for production of the medical device and has the full cooperation of the United auto workers union.

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