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Inexplicably cam sold but campaign fundraiser in chapel hill north carolina yesterday the clinton event was billed as lunch with hillary it had four donation levels to attempt in order have lunch with hillary hundred thousand thirty three thousand five thousand we're twenty seven hundred dollars no reason was given for postponement of the clip nevada we're trying something very important and you can look to shop and will you can pursue this i'm sure none too different news accounts for all the news that i try to ingest she's not doing anything this week in terms of appearances she's cancelled all appearances meanwhile is you know hop scott you'd all over the country jets setting an gone from citi does cities in north carolina florida ohio everywhere getting ready for monday's debate she's i guess holeman bad i don't know she's ill i don't know she just think about this how much shams visit make north carolina it was never a time she needed to be anywhere it was north carolina the polling numbers are not good right now for for hillary clinton there's a new poll one university paul trump has a lead over it the clinton barely forty four to forty three also in that poll most voters field donald trump would be better for white people man rich people clint would be better for por people women minorities factor matter as the closeness of the pole makes north carolina a critical state they should be they're not cancel no reason given why again i don't know she's check i don't know she's resch again i don't know she feels overwhelmed maybe shoes writing off north carolina and you know none of that looks good none of it looks good and i don't care what anybody her fitness for office plouffe visit goal fitness and ability to stand up to the rigors in the perils of the job should be very much a part of our national conversation coming out very important cullen by victor davis hands over howell being never trump the shoe aside all for american he's one of the few national review writers who has the trump issue right mike shot with victor davis and more all ahead next hour you're on the might gallagher show you can't question we are in the unit churned washington's name twelve sixteen kane answer we talked often about the second amendment we cherish the constitution.

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