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I was in danger. because you know you. so. swim. so. Saturday night party with Julie Martinez and DJ drew. the Saturday night party with you Martinez in DJ true. and this. yeah. seven Saturday night. number one music station DJ drew he's in the other role hi drew. happy I'm happy to men we operate here Saturday night party you guys what are you doing all right. into the night. control want to describe something tonight if you haven't some good all right even. one of two seven or a sliding the M. that's three Martinez and I'm DJ drew we're looking for party want to go somewhere to this and we're down. but check this out I hope we're right she cries the eight. your build. are your y'all yeah and he's also you want to throw in a twenty twenty Ford explorer and they're also yeah he does that every single weekday morning and every hour Thursdays and Fridays. right now senator bills man from duck on keyboard drills you mentioned in your bills. for the entire year I need that where proceeds that man yes I I see you know you raise your.

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