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Peaking with Robert Costa of CBS News Hogan is wrapping up his final term He also says President Biden is catering quote to the far left extremes of his party and showing weakness to the world When asked if there's room for him in today's GOP Hogan replied I guess we'll find out in the coming years It's 6 23 Three armed men are accused of taking part in a crime spree the targeted convenience stores in Montgomery county and D.C. will now two of those men have been found It was between February 20th and march the second that the trio according to Montgomery county police began stealing cars and using those to get to convenience stores they wanted to rob They would also fire guns at two of the stores but didn't hit anybody Police say one of the cars was stolen from a shopper There are also accused of robbing a man walking in Silver Spring by holding a gun to his head In mid March police say they found 20 year old azrael echo area in 25 year old Jonathan Nelson both of D.C. and charged both with a long list of things including armed robbery echo vario was arrested in D.C. Nelson after he hit police cars into Tacoma park while trying to escape them The third man hasn't been caught yet Mike Morello WTO P news He has been labeled aggressive So now one of the iconic wild horses of the assateague island national seashore and Maryland has been separated from his herd He's headed to another state His formal name is delegates pride but he's known as chip and the wild stallion of assateague island has become according to National Park Service officials increasingly aggressive His motivation food a statement from the park service says chip has been involved in incidents dating back to 2017 that resulted in visitors getting hurt The park service is updating.

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