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Prime minister Nicole Passion. Yon has warned that heavy fighting with Azerbaijan presents an existential threat to his country on the disputed territory of Nagorno Carrabba. Mr Passion. Yon blamed Azerbaijan for starting the latest clashes on Sunday on allegation is denied. He said forces from Azerbaijan's ally Turkey were engaged in the conflict. And he called on world powers to urge them to pull back. All international community should urge Turkey To stay out from this situation because Turkey's involvement in this world conflict Will make it even horse. To wait is in mourning for the shake. Saba. The Bok, who's died at the age of 91 shakes of us have been undergoing medical treatment in the US he had rolled Kuwait since 2006. Be regarded as a powerful, moderating influence in the region. Frank Gardner, who for many years reported from the Gulf States, said he was also a strong advocate of female emancipation really is probably the nearest you come to a constitutional monarchy in the Gulf, It's actually got a lively elected parliament. I used to go on cover lively scenes that which were reminiscent of Westminster, something which you simply don't get another Gulf of cultures. That said the ruling emir has the ultimate authority on something that he and his family have pushed for in the last 20 years. They pushed the emancipation of women for women to be allowed to vote and stand for office in toe Hold high office. It will tend to think that it's the Gulf rulers holding that back. It's not it's usually conservative, religious or tribal opinion. The late Emma's brother, Crown Prince Shake no wolf medals. Abbott has been named as the new ruler. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has called for the resignation of Vieira. You're over as you, commissioner after she made critical remarks about his government. The dispute comes at a time of heightened debate about how to tackle countries which breach you rules. From Budapest. His neck Thorpe, Victor, or band's cool for the commissioner's removal came in a letter sent to the president of the commission, Lucila found a lion made public on Tuesday. There you are. A Nova said in an interview in the German weekly there, Spiegel that Mr Orban who'd build a sick democracy and that these situation in the Hungarian media is a lone ng In his letter, the Hungarian prime minister wrote that such statements contradicted the commissions roll. There's a neutral and objective institution. The Indian government has rejected allegations by Amnesty International. The repeated harassment by the state forced it to halt operations in the country. The Home Affairs Ministry said that amnesty India had circumvented laws on foreign funding. News from the BBC. The United Nations has said that North Korea is violating international sanctions intended to punish top officials for carrying on with countries illicit nuclear program. The U. N panel of experts report said the Pyongyang funded it states activities through cyber crime by dispatching workers overseas. Britain and Canada have imposed sanctions on the Belarussian leader Alexander Lukashenko, his eldest son and other senior officials in the wake of disputed elections last month and subsequent repression. James Lando reports. Britain's Foreign secretary Dominic Raab, said the UK in Canada was sending a clear message to what he called Alexander Lukashenko's violent and fraudulent regime. That those responsible for what he called thuggery against the people of Belarus would be held to account Thie K pointed specifically to the torture and mistreatment of hundreds of peaceful protesters taken into custody since last month's disputed election. The UK sanctions mean that Mr Lukashenko, his son and advisor Victor, along with six other senior interior ministers and police commanders will no longer be able to travel to either the U. K or Canada. Or channel money through either country's banks. The Roman Catholic Cardinal George Pell is on his way to Rome for the first time after he was acquitted of child sex abuse charges in Australia. The former Vatican treasurer left Rome in 2017 to face accusations that he molested two choirboys in the late 19 nineties. He served a year in prison, but he was freed in April after that verdict was overturned on appeal. One of the world's biggest banks. The American multinational JP Morgan Chase has agreed to pay almost a billion dollars after admitted wrongdoing in an investigation into market manipulation. $920 billion Fine is the biggest ever imposed by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Those of the latest toys from BBC news. She's safe invites the community to participate in the 2020 trick or Trot Walk run scheduled for Sunday, October 11th. With virtual and in person options..

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