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We are here in the mobile studio at the Consumer Electronics Show here in Las Vegas, and we have another repeat guest. Bob, McDonald, Savar, welcome. Thanks to taking the time out of this craziness out here called, thanks. They'll happen to be here again and happy to reconnect with my old Glenwood, buddy. Yeah. Yeah. Closer. You don't recall. He shared the story a little bit last year show. Baba's a is a long term one of the top five analysts in Silicon Valley covered the space for many many years, which impacted me when I was at HP, and it turns out that Bob and reconnected when I was at HP, but Bob, and I ended up going to junior high and high school the other on the south side of Chicago. So we always have this little fun jab about doing shoutouts to the old gangs and down and Glenwood and a factoid that even longtime listeners probably don't know. Is that Bill was a decent baritone player. Yeah. Yeah. It was first year. Verita remind Bob I share baritone. He was second chair trombone that was only briefly why battle with. You've been out roaming around the show here at C S O. What what are you seeing? That's kind of interesting pets it is. It is an obvious the show just continues to grow in terms of its relevance areas. You know? And you've got all got the wacky gadgets as if you've had for a long time, obviously automotive is huge more more robotics this year. We can talk more about that a little bit. But you know, once fascinating takeaway, and since you brought up and this really kind of hit me is that ironically, some of the biggest announcements, I think this year, some of the biggest noise is actually been from the old school categories PC's and TV. And those are the two largest categories from a revenue perspective. That exists in consumer electronics people often forget that. And they still bribe the bulk of the purchases per dollar spent. And the other interesting thing about them all the announcement incremental right? There were no breakthrough announcements. I did just come from the press conference where they announced their first seven nanometer break. But really at the end of the day all of these things a relatively for mental. And I think that's also reflection of where the consumer electronics industry is as a whole. I think there have been times where we've had a big jumps. And then kind of more evolutionary then jumps and then evolutionary, and I feel like we're we're on the cusp of big ones. I think but we're just on the cost and a lot of the stuff this year. I thought was kind of interesting in terms of it being more enhancements in these areas. You know, we saw eight KT, which I would argue Israel. It's kind of an evolution. People with others. We saw obviously advances on everything from an Intel and AMD, and then all the system guys are announcing systems and a ton of gaming gaming is a huge deal. There's a lot of that. And some of what I think is going to be really big which is game streaming by think, we're we're a little bit earlier there were some interest. The volume of video traffic over twitch. But I'm talking about actually delivering the game. So in other words, a Netflix for games played bass game. I don't have to pay. I'm in the middle of a major upgrade on my black. Bright was an example writers drop three grand on doing a PC upgrade. Right. Daming? Rick. You don't need to do that. Look, you're never gonna get you know. The exact same experience. When you have the latest generation are there. But for a lot of people the ability to be able to play a game like at the AM press office. They talked about their deal with Google to do the Google stream system where you're going to be able to play from a browser on anything and get ten eighty sixty frames per second on some triple a type game, regardless of what kind of device hardware you have. That's great. Because what it does introduces bore people the opportunity lady, the ones really get into it. Then we'll get a dedicated rig. But it gives you the flexibility. Also when we think about cloud gaming to start something on a session somewhere. And then if you move around onto another device or you're traveling pick it up on a different device that doesn't necessarily have same level. Of course. So anyway, I think that's an interesting thing. So that was one of the big takeaways was this kind of sense of what's going on. And then we start to see things like obviously LG showed their role last year role. Foldable TV Rollerball, whatever you wanna call in the years that I've been flexible, too, I know, exactly. But now they're gonna actually announce it announced it's gonna be a real product. That was the difference. So I thought that was interesting development as well. But again, sort of I would argue more of an incremental thing within the big category. Other interesting news and TV's force was the apple I tunes in home kit integration with a lot of the big TV player. So for years Apple's had obviously not only not a physical presence, but not much of a real presence at sea after the early days when a huge portion of CBS would be apple accessories. That's kind of all die down there. But it's not as big a deal. Right. And so Apple's influence on the show really kind of wait. Now, all of a sudden, they finally opened up home kit and items be software as and their work. They announced the deal with Samsung for I tunes and then with Samsung, Sony, LG and dizzy. Or on kit and airplay to and eventually, I think tunes on on those. Level. Also announced apple TV app. What I'm saying? That's the apple TV, I tunes app on on all these. So when apple announces their streaming service as they're expected to later this year, all of a sudden, all these smart TV's, we'll be able to play it without having to buy an apple though, that was actually a very interesting, but again incremental panel discussion, but also highlights streaming and the importance of. We're going to see in terms of streaming Donnelly video content said. So to me again, pulling it back it's about the evolution of these extreme categories, integrating some of the new stuff, the cloud based thing and kind of giving us a different view of where we're going overall. Yeah. I agree with you. They, you know, we're seeing aka we've actually there some sixteen kids on the floor in my view. Everybody always asks because it's gonna drive like a consumer rush to like when everybody upgrade HD. Right. But at least he was a different form factor. It was a big step up you go from HD even four K you roughly fifty fifty with consumers being able to tell the difference. What we find actually leaves? My opinion is is color actually has a bigger impact on the perception of resolution, then resolution does absolutely. And the reason why or cake. TV's are doing. So I'll now is because they're four K H E R the high dynamic, and that's the thing that is getting people to go up to four K. Does you're right on the resolution side, you have to be really big super big screens or super close in some cases color makes a big deal. So the concern with a K is we'll look you already got HDR four K all you're really getting AK. Is that extras, oh, by the way, right now, there's zero content. What you're doing is making pixel. Your upscale, you know, four k content. Do these screen so and the interesting thing on on the Cape brunt is we're getting a very, you know. As expected an enormous range of of solution. Some benders have been really discreet about how to separate aka from K others are just like they're throwing a across the line. I think that's going to use. And I dug in this a little bit. So for example, Sony, they're only eight gate. Are larger than therefore? So there's a very discreet simple way to say. Look if you want an eighty eight or ninety five I know, it's great. But if you want something that big, then we'll give you eight K. Right. And you figure anybody who wants a TV that big probably wants eight cakes. Exactly. So that makes sense. But with a lot of these other vendors, they're you know, they're doing fifty five or sixty five that's the mainstream of four cases. It was like, wait a minute. Now. How do you sell that? Really? I think confused, so we'll see what happens. But again, none of it's gonna matter until there's AK content. That's a long way off. Well, I think it actually gonna come around sooner. Because in the case of the work that we do at Kibble labs. One of our members j com Japan, the whole push to eight K is because it's a regulatory requirement in Japan or the twenty twenty one twenty Olympics cable operators and broadcasters in Japan have to be able to transmit AK content because they're going to shoot it. Okay. Right. So it again, you could argue whether that's a good regulatory push to drive innovation or not such a good thing. But it's a lot of attention getting a huge amount of attention in Japan in the ramp up to the twenty twenty Olympics. We're gonna take another quick commercial break when we come back. We're gonna continue our conversation with Bob McDonnell talking about what are all the new and exciting and interesting things happening in Las Vegas here.

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