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There was an angels player who would get hurt because he'd go for the wall. No genetics. This was Jim Edmonds. Matt camp the same day, you were talking about how like Gary we used to say, Gary Anderson, low first base, he loves would say, no, he doesn't. Yeah. He just runs really. I was thinking more along the line. Of Matt camp. And yeah, now, this is a real argument. Those guys you want your your outfielders going full speed after every ball. I don't know. I don't either. No, I don't go after every single Bob making an effort towards it. You still searching your d war numbers over there. If you want to go into it, even Yossi who's a great defensive player, and everyone's mind. All right. I'll be the first one to say because you guys won't I'm gonna miss you help week. I'm gonna I'm gonna miss the biggest star on the team. Yeah. And people are going to say, no, no, he's unpredictable. You couldn't would go over twenty has missed year. Yeah. I like to point was a value play. I don't know what he got an arbitration, but probably eleven to thirteen million dollars. I thought he was a steal at that price. And no, I think that the dodgers they may in fact, be a better team with HA Pollock. But he came off a year where he batted two sixty seven twenty three homers, sixty three RBI's. He also has a tendency to get hurt. He's never had a six hundred at bats season part of that is because he no most of that. Because he's gotten hurt. He's never had a six hundred bat season. But no, I'll miss him. Yeah. I think a lot of advance are going to miss this poker tournament. That's well in that. I made the final table twice. Yeah. I I made the second to last table the first time and the last table second time get anything for Megan. Gigantic hundred eighteen inch TV hundred eighteen inch eighteen inches. That's bigger than my eighty. Yeah. No. It's it's much bigger. Wow. I've I've a much bigger TV than it's in your living room. Now, I put it up for the neighbors, and they all pull their cars up and watch Dr. Come on over. I'm showing a movie tonight everybody pulls their car up. I find it watch Mohegan rhapsody over the weekend. It's great. Yeah. I mean, Molly there's there should be an investigation if that guy doesn't win. And by the way, I think that after I watched it, I think a lot of people did this. I went back on YouTube and watch the actual Live Aid the twenty one minutes at Live Aid, the Queen did right portrayed in the end of that movie that ranks up there like that rock and Roll Hall of fame tribute press does with a why make them be the greatest twenty minutes of rock performance. I've that that was the actual recording from Live Aid. Yeah. I downloaded on my right? They actually took out one song did then the end the real Live Aid. They played crazy little thing called love. And in the movie they played hammer to fall they start with rhapsody played hammer to fall then played. We are the champions at the end. And then Freddie, Mercury did that cool thing where he did the opera back and forth. You know, but it is Rami Molly should win best actor on. Oh, yeah. Dude. I in the only other time I felt like this is when I was watching Jamie, FOX play Ray Charles ever many years ago. That was where I thought like oh my God. I'm watching the Charles. I thought I was watching Freddie Mercury. And at the end of it, if you if you go and watch the real Live Aid, which is on YouTube, right? They copied everything down to the Pepsi cups on top of the piano, and Mollet just nails. Aren't you forgetting about Russell Crowe? And Les Miserables? The worst performance I've ever seen in song..

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