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From the get go you know door locks garage doors you know the lights surround sound all the stuff that you can control what your phone that in some instances it's a little bit harder more challenging to you know to do after the fact right and then secondarily you know more expensive I do so I do wonder though long term especially because of the way technology changes how long not technology is going to be good for and then what the cost is going to be a ranger at all yeah it's it's renew because basically if you get in on that you it's like everything is like a the iPhone right every six months to a year ago out new stuff and then in three years it's like all my stuff outdated well and where to go to a house yeah the old intercom system right that nobody use that was state of the art right. I mean we talk about using yeah I can do this on my phone I can you did do that from my phone but really it's not any more convenient I would argue it's actually less convenient to do these things from your phone so I do think eventually probably not very long there's gonna be some other way to do this stuff and all of that's going to be a smart panels in the house. it's going to be it's going to be different I do think it will be costly but again that is what's driving a lot of sales right now for peace that's one of the perks that people like about new construction I've no doubt any again with lower taxes lower insurance gender we can go we could do a whole show about the benefits of buying new construction and how we can help you because we can pay the builders against each other we can tell you the pros and cons we can we can take you lots of different communities and help you pick the right one based on what knowledge that we had let me tell you there is a lot of new construction going on right now but there is actually a lot of in fighting for buyers among builders right now I don't even two years ago is not like that and a lot of you know consumers like addict a friend of mine that was asked about buying a new house I was giving them some tips on those like me got you let us go in for you because we we know we can track what they do and don't do they're telling you there Sir they're telling you that but the reality is of course are going to tell you that because they represent in their best interest we can help you get a better deal we can tell we can to show them what we got that for another customer all those types of things because I get kind of goes back to buying power we we have a little bit more leverage some of the builders because how much business we do you know we saw we sold Lou you know gobs of new construction homes for all these builder so we can go in and say look I can keep bring you business but how bout you give this guy you know this or or break so we'll be back to wrap up the show we might talk about eighty to a nightmares or we may not because I feel like I've actually to raise a lot but yeah I really just love them sometimes because some of the stuff we have to get you to get home sold that makes absolutely zero sense at all we may not talk about it we'll see I'm gonna see if they talked me because of what. yeah and they me talk me out of this during the break we'll be back after a quick break on the dock and do a show enter docket here an owner at strategic title and I've seen first hand what it's like to have a real estate transaction go sideways because of it an experience title agency why I joined with Ford agency network to start strategic title to provide exceptional service and fees all matter be any other agency as well as top of the line I. T. security to protect your money from some of the worst wire transfer scams if you want to close your.

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