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Tex mex a Ricky Martin you know who's from Porter Rico's crying on Instagram every day about how hurt he is that this guy has said ugly thing this come on Ricky Martin grow up but anyway the not nice things that he said any stupid to put him in tax anyway even if the thanks of he finally has given up because there were so many people protesting in the streets in San Juan dad to Ricardo rose ello has announced he's resigning next Friday so he's out I don't know who replaces them or what but interesting of some some situations come a bubble up here Republicans that would make sense if they beat the heck out of it because he's I don't I don't I'm sure yeah yeah he is he's a Republican yeah he was never he was probably withdrawal during the whole hurricane Maria thanks this the same guy I had hi I'm just sitting here kind of thinking who you know Republicans get into a scandal protests happened they have to resign because no one will touch no one will work with them Democrats get the scandal and you know people could there's you yeah I'm him and our governor I'm sorry to say it and everybody does this kabuki theater thing about how awful it is but then they let it slide on the backend well interesting well eight I'll point out that millions of people did not protest in the streets of Ralph Northam whereas I did have an importer Rico that's true but importer Rico that's the way they showed them in that it's it's there the Latino island the mentality of we might go into the streets be the other thing is the whole not resigning thing that's a fairly recent phenomenon until just like last year when al Franken was a Conyers both resigned in like a year or two ago under under duress because of me to thank I think the not resigning thing is somewhat recent what refusing to resign or yet not resigning in well Bill Clinton was on with less than a million other I'm just telling you the Republic I mean Republicans have it rough because the media will never give up attacking them the second they do something wrong or even there's an allegation that they do something wrong but this is this isn't this is a crazy situation importer Rico too bad I like to order Rigo I'm joined my vacations there.

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