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Check in kiosks, baggage drop counters and security checkpoints the goal is to replace passports and tickets it's going to be optional for now. But to use it you would enter your passport information when you checked in online. Then apparently at each transition point you approach the kiosk with the cameras. They scan your face and you wait for a green check, Mark. And then you can move on. I don't know. I think it's fast. I just a beep pass to be honest to Stanford until it recognizes. I don't know. We'll say they say, it doesn't have an impact. But of the guy grows a beard. It's got to. I would think it was longer beard. To the face. I would think about hard time. But they say it does not suppose somebody has a face. It's a lot like yours. Yeah. Identical twins. What about that something like that? All right. Yeah. We'll see how that works. Elsewhere the smartwatch. At least in this country is going to come with an EKG an electrocardiogram feature. Yep. Apple's latest smartwatch. But it's only here in the US because the US FDA is the only one that's cleared the function and other countries their regulatory agencies haven't done it yet. Apple so they're not even promoting the feature on their international websites here. If you buy the watch now, you will see it enabled later this year and FDA Commissioner, Scott Gottlieb has said in an interview that he really wants to make it easier for other companies to follow Apple's lead and integrate products like the heart monitor into new consumer gadgets, very friendly to this. Yeah. All right somewhere in the world. The price of gold is attached to the price of beer. It is equated with the price of beer. Yes. The October fest German October fest starts tomorrow in Munich. I think you've got something going we start tonight here in October, veterans and anatomy, right? Well. Well this year after an almost ten percent slump in the price of gold and an increase in beer prices. This Liechtenstein based asset management firm has been doing this relationship since nineteen fifty they say an ounce of gold at the October fest will only get you about ninety three leakers or twenty four and a half gallons of beer nut is the lowest since two thousand nine my Lord. What's the world coming to don't know? But gold prices are down prices are up as our gold prices down. Also compared to traditionally too like silver. Yes, see, they're they're onto something. They are futures. Look like what please. Just a little flat here on the SNP up less than a point NASDAQ up about seven points from the Bloomberg newsroom. I'm Patrice Sikora on NewsRadio seven hundred wwl W..

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