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The hurricanes thirteen years for Cam ward, great tribute here on the Jumbotron fans here, the PNC arena all standing and recognizing how great Cam ward was and what he meant to this franchise and Cam ward, I talked about it. He watched it got to be a little emotional right now. Good thing to face off two hundred feet away. Just gotta say get that over with and refocus on the game. If you can't he's a pro he'll be able to do that. What a good guy great individual outstanding signing by the Blackhawks organization during the off season. I mean addressing the goaltending means from last year. And the Cam ward comes in he hit a rock solid reputation. Anyway, and you've talked about him Troy, he's he's kept the Blackhawks in position to win hockey games and without him. They wouldn't be where they are in the standings right now they're in last place, but they'd be way deep in the standings without the play of that get the hurricane blue line. Justin Williams has the puck. He'll carry it out move it to center ice to over the center ice circle. He dumps it to the left wing corner hawk zone. Prince Seabrook into get it run into their by Williams put stood his ground Williams. Takes the puck tries to center. Nets picked up by David Campbell. The hawks Alex debrincat through center ice moves it over the hurricane line, right point the Cain drop pass. Now top of the right circle. Uekihara shoots. And that's why loose puck in the left wing corner. Kane. Is there and he shot it in from about five feet above the goal line from the left wing corner and darling made the save with the glow and just sort of looked at Patrick Kane. Like, what are you doing came knew what he was doing the whole time? Well for Scott, darling. He's only won one game that was the game against the Chicago this year one two and one after dealing with an injury early on wasn't happy with a couple of goals that he gave up in that game against the Red Wings, Saturday nights off the Blackhawks are smart. They'll test him get shops on them from all different kinds of angles. See how he handles the pressure. Here is still got to be so emotion for Scott, darling. His well now the draw comes back out of the hurricane zone and back down ice into the hawk zone. Gusta retreats together with the puck over to yoki hard you along the right boards. He absorbs a check from Furlan pushes the puck out the center ice. Terrifying. And fires it back down the right boards into the hawk zone behind the net. Goes around a Furlan. They work at around now out to the right point a shot there from Justin Falk was turned wide. Here's a two on one for the hawks camp in over the hurricane line break. Right. Circularly suits on a sliding pad. Save made by darling. And the puck ends up tumbling to the near boards often reflection. Debrincat got it back in front of the hurricane nut to the left wing boards. It goes to Gustafsen behind the net put it down to camp and from point blank range. He sat float on goal and darling down and made the save wasn't sure where that was looking around darling. About Scott, darling. John Scott, darling is sometimes he gets himself way out of the crease area. And if you could make some plays, and if you have support you move it from one side of the ace to the other you're going to have a wide open opportunity to on one. Mukundan Alex debrincat big saved by Scott, darling. But as soon as he made that savy was way out of the crease area. Now, the draw one by the hurricanes and behind the net. Hayden flurry takes the puck will snap it around the left wing boards and down ward. Put it to the near corner to rutta who punches it up the right wing side. John Hayden it head to fourteen over the hurricane line to the right half boards. The send the puck over the left wing corner. Brandon Davidson into get it there from his defense position. He's committed pretty deep lost the puck, and then WalMart the forward from the hurricanes Lucas, WalMart shot the puck. I think they'll say this hit a stick and tumbled over the glass and how to play it went into the players bent. So. Everybody's always takes a look around to see if they get a call on that. But the coal by the -ficiating crew on this one face up. Stays in the Carolina end zone to the right hand side of Scott, darling. It'll be the four seasons heating air conditioning and plumbing faceoff for all the right reasons. Four seasons, Lucas WalMart on the drawing. He's above fifty three percent facing off against Luke Johnson of the hawks and Johnson wins in a Martensson to the high slot. The Kunitz he tried to snap shot on goal that deflects y gusts us and fires one from the left half boards. Deflect it in on goal by Martensson blocker save is made by darling. Here's Jaki how you to the puck down the right wing to the corner. He sent it tore the deflects off Martensson in on darling. And he'll plop the puck and hold it. Boy, Andreas Martensson was an x factor in there. He was not being gonna be moved from in front of the hurricane net. Puck would have hit it in the right way. It might have been up in the back of the net. Martensson leaves the Blackhawks at hits this season with twenty seven had three game against the Philadelphia Flyers. He's that big body that the Blackhawks need. You need to feel that presence in the lineup. Six three two hundred thirty pounds get to the front of the net. Make it miserable on the goaltender barely six. Six. Take another look over the head of a guy six three but make a tough on him trying to figure out where those pucks are coming from hurricanes. Win the draw Dougie Hamilton behind the Carolina net with the puck moves it up the right side. Justin Williams at center ice to Brock McGinn over the hawk line on the left wing side. He put the puck down to the corner. Seabrook now with a quick handoff to tapes moves a pass up the right wing. Patrick Kane to Keith over the center, ice circle. Returns it on the right wing into the hurricanes on intended for caves Jacob Slaven for Carolina will slap the puck to the hawk blue line. Seabrook took it there and sweeps it over to Duncan Keith who packs up in front of the hawk net with it. The Seabrook along the right boards to tapes at the hawk line to schmaltz over the center, ice circle. Patrick kane. Cuts in over the hurricane blue line to the right point slipped into the point. You'll be hard fire. Jonathan tapes in front of the net. Deflects that one pass darling. I'm a hawk store. I in a hockey game for the first time in a while one nothing in favor of the hawks. Will they review this for fear that that was knocked out of the air by a stick above the crossbar? I don't I don't think it was just a real nice play by Patrick Kane to saucer went over there. And all there's no no doubt that this was in the net. Jonathan Davies get's his ninth of the season. That's your came will pick up the secondary. Assists yoki hire you just jumped onto the ice and Patrick Kane. Stopped up inside the zone. Yuki her you jumped off the bench to replace Duncan. Keith got into the zone quickly North Carolina. Hurricane was looking to cover that position. Real smart read their by Patrick Kane. Great one timer for yoki. How're you make a little adjustment at his body position? And for the second time tonight, nobody in front of the net in support of Scott, darling. Nola hurricanes attack. Here's WalMart into the hawk zone of the right wing corner. Made a pass into the high slot. This deflects down ice to the hurricane line taken there by Justin fault, lose it on the right wing Furlan at the hawk blue line lost the handle is came along. And stripped it off his stick. Here's debrincat moving the puck to camp over the center, ice circle. Took over the hurricane line to the right circle. The break at any pumps a shot high, and why would break it no goals in a little while. He's only got one point in the last number of games. He's looking to snap that streak. You get hot again at the hawk line. Davidson got the puck to Hayden. He's over the hurricane line left point twisting and turning their Van Dyke. Hayden doing a good job of holding the puck now here the left point. But he turns it over to WalMart who flips at the center ice Davidson at the hawk blue line took it back to yon Ruta hawk line, right wing, and he'll fire. It ahead. Hayden sticking down in behind the canes net with so much force rolls all the way up the far side album zone to center ice. Hawks. Get the puck back at their blue line. Ridha with a pass ahead for fourteen at center ice backhands it into the hurricane zones. Taken by Hayden flurry quick pass over on the right wing van stike head to WalMart. He shot into the hawk zone down the right boards. And now it's picked up by Hamilton along the right boards. And he fires a shot in the glove. Save me by ward. A whistle. Will stop way we have nine twenty three left in period. Number one here in Carolina..

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