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The 8s back to Carlos Ramirez in the WTO traffic center Thanks so much very good morning to you in Virginia the sound bound sign of 95 looks like the accident seen involving a potential vehicle fire near the lorden road exit has officially cleared if there's any activity left over they should be over on the far right shoulder not gonna cause you much trouble Northbound side of 95 looking golden new issues towards the Springfield interchange three 95 looking good as well Now vdot did inform us that they are planning on setting up a work zone there on the ramp from the outer of the beltway towards westbound 66 I am keeping a close eye on these cameras I'm not seeing them setting up just yet but generally speaking once they inform me about an hour later they're out there So I'll keep an eye out I'll keep you guys posted as far as when the workers actually start up And when that's actually going to start impacting your drive northbound three 95 a little bit slow on your approach towards the 14th street bridge but again watching the cameras I'm not seeing any accidents or incidents just a few extra folks headed into the city Third street tun looking golden no she's on the on New York avenue and D.C. two 95 looking good Now I 95 I two 95 northbound just after the beltway still got plenty of police activity It was initially announced to be an accident scene but as things progressed turns out it may be some sort of police activity regardless for what you need to know is the two right lanes are available to you just inside of the beltway no delays because of it just expect to see some flashing lights on the left side that you have to avoid One 8 6 6 three O four W TOP is the traffic tip line Don't forget to download that WTO app as well I'm Carlos Ramirez WTP traffic Now the weekend forecast what there is left of it storm team four meteorologist clay Anderson After an extended drive period isolated rain showers will.

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