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Now word today that democratic the Democratic National Committee will get a huge cash infusion from former presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg Bloomberg is going to spend eighteen million dollars from his former campaign to now support the DNC's initiative and twelve swing states across the country that money could fund potentially hundreds of organizer's there it would not be legal if Bloomberg was a regular donor but presidential candidates are allowed to transfer unlimited amounts to their National Party committees Bloomberg self funded his whole presidential campaign with his personal fortune word this afternoon that another presidential primary has been postponed Indiana's governor says the may fifth primary in the Hoosier state has been postponed from may fifth until June second because of coronavirus concerns well something smells fishy on Amazon prime and don't worry it's just the latest indie film available today called blow the man down it takes place in a fictional fishing village in New England and in this low budget thriller two young girls attempt to cover up a murder and uncover a bunch of secrets while they're doing it in their small town I spoke about it with Folger critic Jen Chaney on Skype well this is a film that was originally supposed to come out in theaters and streaming at the same time but obviously nothing's coming out in theaters right now but you can still watch on streaming fortunately and it is a small indie film two young women have just lost their mother in this Easter co this fishing village in Maine and as you said one of them has a run in with a guy and it doesn't go so great and she kills them and they're trying to figure out how to cover it up they start finding out more things about their mother's past it's a tight film it's only ninety minutes but it's really well acted it's really suspenseful Margo Martindale plays a major role in it and Margaret Martin Dale is always fascinating to watch so if you're looking for something you know kind of a little dark a little bit of a thriller to watch while you're stuck at home this is a really great choice now moving on to little fires everywhere it's started streaming this week on Hulu I.

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