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Was coming at the my regular me just hadn't find help yourself get better so i do a lot of things as far as yoga. Pilates does work in my hands a little bit more. Because that's why fill in a game last year. I really came in just ready to go. I use them my motor. I mean i haven't loved my motor but that's what it really was last year. Let me play been locker room widow. Definitely somebody that i look up to. Just being the spies to what he was telling a lot of it came from him and dan just other guys around the locker room and does you know. Social media does looking at people media what their condition may vary. I good for the team. Anchors very versatile. I think it'd be good for a lot of guests do agree smith on the basis that the nervous getting can't get to know senate different sets of practice. Help you out because everybody in the lease different those new guys. They are crafty and they vest and some young guys that just to get out there. So i mean there's good players love in training camp I love paget able to get more physical. So i mean it was good to get physical conditioning as well. You know. I like to think on good and say but when you put the pads on in a wake you up a little bit. You mentioned getting physical part of physical battle. German one on one thing. You're better boom about say it'd be lineup. Watch said again. Just seal your stubs. Say you're crafting. What are you doing and saying how you could get free like you know. I try not to let people touch china and see. How can i get free more gets quarterback fast a lot of but there was also getting my stuff together. I felt like i was awhile player. Like kind of being out my friend. I was just kind of trying to make sure. I do everything going forward instead of going more allowed so off brush. What are your expectations for yourself. Now it's the same thing. I'm gonna go out there trying to impress more and more just to get more tom you know. Get my name out. That being predictable type hoffy. Went through they went through a mandatory minicamp. And this isn't an abbreviated predicate. Now the whole shebang houses to help a lot. I mean i never seen like you said none of this amount still soaking it in my first year with autism. But i get to help a lot because like you said. Ot as we were able to go out there and get out. And then i was able to go and again. Oh this would. I need to fix so feel i to help a lot harder role. Yeah i know you've been reversal guy at your cell divisions can you see yourself being guys that's earth long eli playing any more phases ready for whatever right if they do it and i'm just making the best out of my opportunity. Flies and yellow. To help you in your. What did he open you up. I mean you could go science and all that they say yoga the only thing that coordination with the most sought that eye coordination to help a lot pilates us. Swiss army knife injury. Do you notice that you're talking. Today was talking today because talking to how that was jerry change things in the room on the line. Big acquisition help. You learn anything more information to the room. Another guy who didn't seen a lot of different coaches so he could come over and information that he got from seattle. He helped me a lot. Just make helping me identify things like a brother defense and everything. Are you sensing identity coming out of defense this year or something different about this defense with the players that have been added as civility offer bigoted the exciting to what got some boys in their own. That'd be lied on deciding to watch. I think i think is going be that. Well one period. Yeah really wicked. Spent was made a year. Think he coma confident confidence being a little bit more free and then just lend my motives go and also just letting it be me had to go out offer pretty good. Thank all moving around on the defense or by the flow into the ball. It was good for you. Know it's different when you put the pads on to what you just got him down. And everything was point teams. We all those guys. They're doing a good job upfront. You know they still. They still getting everything. They still learning still learning but they picking up everything fast says offense. We move a real good right now. It's just the super bowl loss motivated. You think about that weight and use said to motivate you. You're thinking laws always motivation. Then in the super bowl you know one or two biggest games in lee. You know that's always motivated to us. You know we know. We know what came out with the victory wind. Do a good job. We wanted to get that game. I'm bill from time with shawn and belle and you say on the need to be the.

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