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Are just forty he's away from their first human spaceflight launch from Florida since the space shuttle era CBS news correspondent Peter king has more from the Kennedy Space Center what the astronauts are doing this weekend astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob they could have been here since Wednesday their final mission prep includes some final checks to make sure their space suits fit properly the dry run to the launch pad and time inside their spacecraft bacon says they'll also have some time with family members they've been observing you know pretty tight quarantine to make that a possibility and that'll happen that what astronauts used to call the beach house were crew members would go to unwind before a flight now it's called a conference center but either way it gives them some down time before the final push to Wednesday's launch Peter king CBS news at the Kennedy Space Center this is the memorial day minute from the CBS audio network historian Susan Kingsley Kent says forty five thousand American soldiers were among the millions who died in the nineteen eighteen nineteen flu epidemic the war is responsible for for the dissemination of the flu around the globe as quickly as it went and for sustaining it enabling it to last that long the flu outbreak began actually in western Kansas outside of Fort Riley where U. S. troops were stationed in preparation for being shipped overseas so they apparently carried the flu were it not for the war itself this influenza virus the H. one N. one as we now know could not have sustained itself it would have killed it's victim so quickly that they would have died before the virus had a chance to reproduce and pass itself along to.

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