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One of the things I love about Sesame Street is how they translate their characters in other countries. And did you know that Nigeria they refer to cookie monster? Zoe the Yam monster. Of course Nigerian kids, I don't eat cookies the way Americans do. So the show runners wanted to make sure the show was promoting a staple. Crop that everybody could eat so. Zobeir. Catchphrases meet Yam. I mean, if you're talking about how characters translate, I've got to mention Oskar the grouch 'cause I, I love that grouchy people are just so universal every country's got one, of course. Yeah. So Pakistan has a guy named. Akhtar he lives in an oil barrel in Turkey goes by Kirk. And for some reason he lives in a basket. And in Israel, I mentioned this before, but they've outsourced the job to Oscar's cousin in Moshi oath, Nick. And apparently most he's got his own style, because he lives in old car trash can, and according to mental floss. He's also an observant Jew. He celebrates Rosh Hashanah by dipping apples into sardine Greece for an extra slimy new year. Well, here's a character. I wish we had that comes from the Dutch, Sesame Street. It's a daredevil chicken named stunt Kipp Kipp is a relatively new bird, but apparently in every episode she does something super daring, while a frightened rabbit interviews her about the feet. But you've gotta listen to these death defying tricks, so stunt Kip has gone on an escalator by herself use the bathroom without flushing herself down the toilet. Check turned her a bed for monsters, introduced herself, the new kids at the playground, and perhaps bravest of all, she told her aunt that she didn't want seconds of Brussels sprouts after eating all of her Brussels sprouts. So, you know, Jim Henson is one of my heroes, and I always think of Jim Henson, as like kind of quiet and sweet fellow, but you can actually forget that he could be a little showy to in college. He started this puppet show called salmon friends aired on TV, and he made some money off it. So use that money to buy a Rolls, Royce just you could drive himself to his college. Graduation in it. Alaria. There's so many things about Jim Henson's, early life that do feel like almost in contrast to the rest of his life. But I kind of love that. All right. Well, here's a cool. And did you know that years before she made cameos on Sesame Street and introduce their videos, of course Whoopie Goldberg used to work as a babysitter on the show? So she'd watch over the kids while they were waiting to be called on to set. That's amazing. Amazing. I had no idea. So there aren't a lot of shows that have been taken out. But had you heard about the Sesame Street where Oskar the garage falls in love with the wicked witch of the west? No, that's worse than a fire. Heidi. Apparently they reprised the character from the wizard of Oz, and he fell in love with her because of her green face, and I guess horrible disposition, but parents reacted really strongly episode. I mean, intest audiences kids were captivated by face color, and actually tuned in, really closely. But parents, mostly wrote in, there are a lot of tears and fears about having to watch, which on TV, so they pulled episode from rotation and also Sesame Street got a letter from at least one wiccan, about perpetuating negative stereotypes about which is well it turns out that isn't the only show that got stuck in the cycle. Apparently, there's one about Snuffy parents, getting divorced, that never saw the light of day because it was confusing for kids. And I know of course, one of the things I appreciate about Sesame Street is how they try to tackle some of these really tough topics. But in this episode that got really sad because they thought maybe Snuffy dad had run away, and it did get revisited a few times later on the show. But not so head on as it did in that episode. There's a Kermit the frog news segment where he interviews a bird, whose parents live in separate trees, and then there's the character, Abby, cadaver and her parents have have separated. So they talk about that. But it's not quite the same as the way they had originally done in the Snuffy episode. Well on a slightly happier. No. Did you realize that elmo's the only Sesame Street character who testified in front of congress didn't Elmo claimed he was nervous at the time? And he, he testified about music education. I guess then this is some of the transcript, which Elmo against it. Almost voice learned all kinds of things about music, like anyone can make music, the whole world is full of music, music, health, Elmo learned the alphabet if it wasn't for the song, Elma would be lost people. Wow. That's pretty great. All right. Well, here's what I think, is fascinating child psychologists thought it would be too confusing for people if kids watched humans and Muppets interacting. So they split up the scenes it was all humans and segments with burden. Ernie, the only two characters on the show at that point, but intest kids bay. Basically ignored the adults and turned away. And then they for the Muppets, and there's a rumor that at one point, the producers thought about cutting all the adults and just making his show about Burton, Ernie, which I'm sure would have been amusing and itself. But when they saw how well Bernie did on the screen, the writers decided to create more characters to build the show around. And of course, that's how we got big bird Oscar the grounds Snuffle up and all the others, even though I know so much about Jim Henson. I'd never heard that before I was going to give you the trophy.

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