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Free the word with david platt is a resource from radical darning isaiah chapter two verse eight i am the lord that is my name my glory i give to no other norm i praise to carved idols while the meaning of isaiah fortytwo eight is obviously clear god alone deserves glory there are no other little g god's in the world he alone is the one true god that's why he deserves all glory and all i dollar tree is wrong yet when we here nor nor do i give my praise to carved idols oftentimes we can just start to think okay wooden idols were kind of pictures that we might have idolatry in the old testament people bowing down on worshiping different images even pictures of that around the world which is obviously idolatry and so we want to pray for god's gourd you a known over and above carved idols in the world but we've also got to think about idolatry just in our own hearts there's a sense in which all sin is rooted in idolatry like immorality flows from idolatry there but we sin any sinn think about the anatomy of sinn when you are eyes sin were basically saying uh i know what is better than you oh god what is best for my life i'm smarter than you i am wiser than you and in that way were elevating ourselves above god that's idolatry of ourselves even remotely ovation so many times we are concerned with our appearance what people are going to think about us how people are going to perceive us that's idolatry of ourselves because what we should be concerned about is the appearance the perception of god he alone as supreme nod us and so there's so many subtle ways in which i daventry works in our own hearts in all around the world so we've got two.

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