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Made to rise above the rest. Learn more at goodyear dot com goodyear more driven ribbon. Now back to the show at. It's good to have college football national recruiting coordinator. Craig Halberg joining us here on the podcast. Craig up by the end of this week. Do you think we'll have the number one recruiting class Kevin. What has been interesting about this? Two Thousand Twenty cycle is. I don't remember since since I've been doing this since two thousand and five. There's ever been a more competitive race for the number one overall class as we go into early signing period you can make a case for five different programs either not by the end of this week then by February and the National Signing Day that first Wednesday in February having the number one overall plus you five teams teams currently kind of in the hunt. I think we're GONNA come out of this early signing period likely clemson having been one overall. They've got a really top heavy class. Three five stars really doing a nice job along the defensive line. They're still in the mix were quite a few players including five stars like linebacker justed. Well the defensive a and out of South Carolina Jordan Birch versus still some pieces. There for Clemson. You can never count on Alabama usually a fixture. There knows I we spot there one program. That still has a lot out there over the next few days at some pieces the see if they can hold onto that number one spot and then the other team Lsu obviously coming coming off an outstanding year when it. Oh John got that job. Everybody knew that he would go in there and recruit well. They were just wondering how he would do as a head coach with onfield production and now he's on the recruiting trail marrying not only his ability as a recruiter but also great success on the football field. And that's going to be really tough for them to stop there another program in the mixture guy like Jordan Birch vibe outside linebacker Philip Webb. So there another program that can make a jump here in the next few days you mentioned three of the five or the other other two teams you think that could That could win this thing out. The other one is Ohio. State currently have the number one player in the nation committed. That's wide receiver. Julian Fleming out had a Pennsylvania They're doing a really nice job. There in the mix for one of the top remaining quarterbacks in an eight out of California CJ Stroud so there. I think it'd be a little bit tougher. Them what they certainly have a chance. And then Georgia Georgia's one city. They're number five. Were there were there. In the mix for several players things could really get interesting over the next few Weeks for them. Probably I I look at the boards for the teams in the top five with the most to gain in terms of volume and it might be Alabama and Georgia. Georgia may be a little bit of a delayed reaction because there are some players that they are seem to be the favourite for Kevin that may not publicly announced until after the early signing period. Kinda during that all American bowl stretch so they may wait so they may be a little bit of a delayed reaction during the market for quite a few top rated corners And defensive back and they're also in the mix there one of the top tight ends in the nation darnold Washington Annaba Las Vegas so I think Georgia's kind of one back. Maybe a little bit too far out to get the number one. What could certainly push back up? Okay which teams outside the top five could make a move and I'm saying let's just talk about teams in the top twenty that you think could make a big big push by the end of the week. I think the thing wanted to watch. The PAC twelve is kind of struggling a bit. But there's two teams teams that are running away with it at Oregon and Washington for me. I think that one of the programs to watch is Oregon. I was just talking about Justin flow He's a player. That had ed kind of for a long time been rumored To be a heavy lean towards clemson. But now that as we're getting towards the stretch here for the start of the early signing period on Wednesday and just emplo we'll be announcing during the ESPN coverage. He now seems to be a strong lean towards Oregon. I so for the ducks a year ago. To go into California and get Calvin Sibito the defensive end potentially now go back to California again and get the number one rated linebacker justin flow. That's looking really good. You get an impact. Jack type defender like him. I can really help you boost up towards the top ten and they also had one of the top remaining quarterbacks on visit this past weekend Robbie Asterix he's at a Hoover Hoover High School in Alabama with a long time oldness commitment with the switch there in the coaching staff. He decommitted was just on an official visit so he could add some more deaths. I think or. He's watching team to watch. And the other one is Tennessee. They were program who a year ago really close stronger recruiting trail at February period. Jump right to the customer top top hand. I think that they're not gonNa have quite the same impact in terms of the big names. But I think there's a lot out there for them if you're a member. She's got really really rough there for Tennessee And September but they were able to close with a string of wins the head out in the recruiting trail and I see them adding three or four quality. Kind of four-star. Dr Prospect that are classified probably buckled up a little bit more towards the top fifty. Let's get back to the Oregon question because again you know we lose on earlier and we talked a little bit about Mario Christobal and how he he went to. He went to southern California and he basically took sibito right outside the USC backyard. And if he gets you know so the player you're talking about here at you know in the next couple of days. What is Cristobal doing so well when it comes to recruiting these guys? I think think it's a blend of things Kevin you know I had one PAC twelve Personnel Person. Tell me when they were talking about Mary Crystal. They said he's relentless it's like the guy doesn't sleep sleep It he may be one of the Top and probably one of the hardest working recruiting head coaches all the college football so you got a guy who had a reputation and is a very strong recruiter as put together a good staff for that and then you just go back to what organ been able to do slowly over the year from Wadi. Mike Lottie to Chip Kelly had a little bit of a damp here but this is a program that offers a lot in the in the surrounding areas in terms of gear Swag swag the you know the kind of the persona that they've had with the different types of uniform so they've always kind of been able to build a national persona with what they offer In those type of bells and wessells and then they've always been in last year's near the top of the pack twelve battling for bacterial supremacy. So you've got onfield success. You got the things like uniform along. You gotTA head coaches and outstanding recruiter you put all those pieces together coupled with a pack twelve south right now. That is very much down. And it's a great Opportunity Oregon. The ride is there player on Wednesday. Or let's say Thursday or Friday because of a seventy two hour window who is the wildcard. The the kid that everybody is insurance going to make an announcement but could kind of turn things around and shift if some momentum and the guy that I think that is going to make an announcement to kind of tweak your question a little bit I don't know of anybody who's GonNa come out of the woodwork. And said they had announced but a guy that I think is really intriguing. It's actually the top rated guy left in the country and that is offensive and Jordan Birch had a habit high school in South Carolina number five player two. ESPN three hundred. He was gonNA initially announced on Tuesday the nineteenth now. It looks like he's going to get it done on eight on the eighteenth. Repeat the opening day on Wednesday Clemson in state South Carolina team to still be Kinda hanging around in the mix. LSU seemed to be a program very much in a mixture of Danny. Just wet visited Georgia. So now there's a lot of momentum building for the bulldogs there you've got a player Jordan virtue. I think you if you went around and talk to the different people you may. I may get four different answers on where he may wind up so I think he going into this early signing period of guys expected to announce I think he right now is probably the most intriguing in terms of the impact type player with several teams. May Tell you that. Hey we think we got a real good shot at this guy but only one of them obviously is going to get Craig where where is an. It's stunning we. Were about thirty five minutes into the PODCAST. We haven't talked about Jim Harbaugh and Michigan. Especially when you know a couple of years ago. Hardball made a ton of waves about sleeping over at a recruits house and finding a way to make sure the he was committed. These kids. The where's Michigan Right now. You know it is correct. 'cause there's not that same type of buzz there was when he first got there But Dave Kinda sneakily doing a solid job. I mean there at number nine disadvantages data enough for you to be number nine in the class rankings. Top Ten class asked asked me. That's pretty good but you're right. It doesn't seem to kind of come with the same flash said it was a few years ago and then when your biggest rival Ohio state eighty two sitting within the top five with potentially shot number one class that makes that gaps even bigger so. I think you know you're talking about these major programs you we've mentioned all the names Alabama Lsu Higher State Georgia you know. Michigan has not had the same onfield. Success that those programs have so when you were kind of dealing in rarified air the upper tier programs It's much more difficult to kind of go into living room and talk to recruit and sell potential potential and four Kind of format. For what you can get you to success. When you're competing against programs that are sitting in those same liberals or those five star? Hi Four Star Prospect. And they're not talking about a blueprint for success or actually talking about real success. If you follow what I'm saying they're saying we've been on the field. We played for a conference championships. We've been in the College Football playoff where Michigan hasn't been able to get over that Hump into that area so when you're talking about the elite prospects and your battle against the other top programme where they've had success to sell. You're trying to sell the blueprint to get there. It could be really difficult. Yeah and I think you can make the case as to where you've got about fifteen fan bases that consider their top five program. Would you only have five spots. You've got ten fan bases aces. That will not be happy regardless because they all think of their own mind they should be in the top five and that brings up programs like Texas Florida Penn State Texas A. and M.. Especially when you're bringing Jimbo you pay the money that you're paying him. Oklahoma Notre Dame when I mentioned those programs anything stand out and how they're handling handling this week You Know I. I think what is most interesting about that. Is You talk about those kind of historic Orrick type program Kevin and the one. I don't think you didn't mention would you you say USC yet so I didn't mention USC because earlier. In the PODCAST. Lou and I talked about them being on the outside of top forty recruiting class. Which Craig you could even expand on that? It is stunning and I understand the doubt of Clay Helton and I understand the status. Listen but I mean your. USC It doesn't matter WHO's the coach you're coming to USC because USC especially in southern California. Yeah Yeah I mean yeah so just to piggyback on. What what Luke said is that you know? Listen it's it's unbelievable that you're talking about historic program. If you remember about ten years ago our baby a little bit less they went through those NCA sanctions that were pretty tough. And even through that they still own southern California they still own recruiting in the PAC twelve. Now you're looking going into this week of the top ten players in the state of California now one of them is committed to USC with three of those Japan uncommitted and probably none of strongly to USC. So you're essentially we can come out of this early signing period without the children's having signed not one top ten player within the state of California which is really kind of mind blowing and kind of Setting up a bigger gap between them and the PAC twelve Northwood Oregon and Washington Washington leading the way so although distort programs and one of those teams you would think no matter what can weather the storm. It's very surprising to see. USC really really be struggling to this point and even with the the struggles they had and whether they help with stay or not for them to be at this point. It's it's really kind of going to be an up hill o'clock for a program that at the very least was able to close strong but at this point really struggling in state in the SEC.

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