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Like, I see I see Dana white like getting to upset, you know, if he's like in in some type of like, you know. Acting on politician like, you know, it's what makes them. So, you know, so so endearing and unique as a promoter shore about on how well doubt plan politics. I guess is what I'm saying. You know, Eric, I love I love Scott Coker can have a felt I love Scott Coker. But could you imagine him under under a deposition Coker? Just sweating all over the place. Right. I mean. You. I got as associate that was like CoCo George for guys. I'll get the heels get that that the scripture attached far I'm still trying to find that name, but Nakazawa bugging me. I'll probably find it during the break. I mean, maybe not like, Mike Perry. But I mean like you just pull up a any any area to run for office. Even like Joseph, Ben Evita's, even as eccentric as he can be sometimes, I yo- you put them in a suit. He looks good in a suit. You throw them their front of a camp budget cameras. Like, I would trust them. You know, if I was trying to have them lobby for my calls, the lobby, but you know, what I mean looking behind the curtain a little bit. We actually talked about this on daily debate. I'll just bring it out when when I was thinking about it. 'cause Brian STAN was what everyone will dunk. All right. You know, this guy running mate people say he could run for president. But what I was thinking was if it just wanted to stick to someone like like what Lionel did like Iran within your state mayor congressman whatever who somebody that attached to a city. It's got to be a major city like you can't say like. Baker california. You know, I'm I'm looking for like a major city that everybody recognizes and the two I came up with was steep in Cleveland. He's got some pop their favor and Sacramento. Can you guys think of another one think of cities like me, I would tell the Kirke think of cities like or even Las Vegas or just someone like oh, man? You oughta medically jump towards that name pantheon pen for governor that there's one right there pen in in Hawaii. So he's more of a Hawaii guy 'cause I know that the city of Hilo, well is he considered big name? Like thousand. It's a big. It's the big it exists on the big island for what that's worth. But. Yeah. The capital. Hawaii. Wiedeman thing New York where these guys have actually lobbied in like got involved in the politics regarding the sport or otherwise for pen- pens- actually got involved in politics for us as someone that would be doing that. Right. Doing that type of job. Look the Sanchez brothers. Now, the other guys I think, you know, like, he he's a civic worker in steep bay writing. And your riot just..

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