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And he's like flicked his wrists and it wound up being, you know, the lead for the Astros. I'm just like this is so it's like the cardinals would play the Rockies and the playoffs. And they got knocked out by some dumb shit kind of sixteen to twelve game joy of socks. So on tilt over that and I left with game six of the two thousand eleven World Series. You know, I I really. I mean, listen, I left in Houston. You want to be around all the Astros fans go in batch chicks or teams in the World Series for the first time. If I were at Busch stadium in two thousand eleven, I would have stayed all the way until the end even though I would have witnessed what I thought he way the Rangers celebrating their first world championship, so I would have seen freezes it. And sometimes I'm telling you this just did it last week. Actually. It might sound weird. I would recommend it to people actually, it's a, it's a legal narcotic. If I'm just kinda like I mean YouTube, it's just an, it's such a rabbit hole, but I'm just like, you know what? I'm kind of in the mood to watch the ninth inning of of the two thousand eleven World Series game six and it's just automatically puts you in a better place. In the next thing, you know, you're watching the bottom of the tenth and then of course you're watching and we'll see you tomorrow night and it's just it's, it's instant offense. So that's an that's an easy one. You know other ones that another one that I it certainly, especially in Saint Louis doesn't have the same. Same cachet and I don't know what can of game six. The two thousand eleven will series. It would be wonderful if game six of the two thousand eleven World Series is somehow in second place at some point for people. I imagine if the blues win the Stanley Cup at enterprise center, even if it's not like some fascinating game, like what you had with game six of the two thousand eleven World Series. I would imagine that might be up there for people if and when that happens. But in nineteen ninety seven when Missouri played Nebraska, which yes, they lost. But the game itself for so many reasons just became like this, you know, like where you there? Oh, my God. You weren't there. That was just because it just was so uncommon. I Don. I don't even know what it would would you could draw comparison to now because Missouri had been so terrible for so long. I think they were twenty five give or take half point underdog to Nebraska, Nebraska. That time. Whereas the punchline right now was absolute machine, Missouri joke and Missouri, it started to play better, but still you didn't. I mean, they still, I just all you twenty five point underdog ever. Take a half point might have been a little more than actually, but either way you're playing against this, you know powerhouse. It was a perfect afternoon, weather wise. I think it was like November eighth ninety seven give or take a day. It's the same day producer, Joe got his ankle tat I know those two are intertwined just like the barb wire on his ankle and and you too was playing at the dome at the time. I was a huge U2. fan. I really was a YouTube fan all the way up until few years ago. And now for whatever reason, I just have no interest in the, I don't know what happened. I think it goes back to when they sent the music to your iphone when you didn't ask for it. I think that's what it was, but I, I saw him at Soldier Field Chicago in two thousand nine, and I saw him in Las Vegas at Sam Boyd stadium a month later Las Vegas, two thousand nine and they were Scott. Trade Center. I think maybe they were the dome here within the last year and I'm just like, man, that interest plus it was like a Friday or Saturday night, and this was not interested. But anyway, I digress. I wanted to go to YouTube concert, and so I was in Saint Louis and I was watching it on television and it just was the perfect day. Weather wise. The place was absolutely packed was a two thirty game Brent Musburger..

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