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Cnn reports additional allegations of sexual harassment of been leveled against suspended msa nbc contributor journalist marcal peran latest claims come from four women who say it the encounters took place between late 1980's in two thousand six when halpern worked at abc news in a lengthy apology on twitter helprin wrote he was profoundly sorry for the pain and anguish i have caused by my past actions winter is a in later based on a review of weather data going back more than a century the average first freeze over the last ten years has been coming over week later than it did during the 70s so far this season only forty percent of the contiguous forty eight states have had a freeze compared to sixty six percent in a normal year many scientists do believe this is linked to global warming people enjoy the warmer weather and can find fruits and veggies still in the garden but allergies and bugs are also around that's yippies jackie quinn nbc news is taking journalist mark helprin off the air ap's of donahue reports the moon comes following claims of sexual harassment from his story on cnn halperin is in msnbc contributor and the allegations are from five women a mom who beat and tried to strangle her daughter because she recited bible verses wrong has been sentenced to prison forty one yearold rhonda shaath nur was sentenced to two and a half to five years in prison after she pleaded guilty to aggravated assault police say she forced the girl the neil on the bathroom floor in their middletown pennsylvania home and repeat versus from the bible they say schaafter slammed her head into the wall each time she made a mistake and they say shop noor also threaten to strangle and kill the girl the girl called her father who drove her to a police station facebook is taking new steps to verify advertisers and make all ads on the side more transparent the announcement comes ahead of next week's congressional hearings on russian interference in last year's us elections users will be able to click on the ads and find out more about who's behind them users will also be able to see all of the ads paid for by the same advertisers facebook acknowledged that it found over three thousand ads linked to russia that promoted divisive us social issues and were seen by an estimated ten million people before and.

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