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Re appointment and here's what's happening was it an accident wasn't intentional these are questions that we as a family want answered and we would just like to know exactly what happened Lauren Phillips and her family are trying to understand who shot and killed a young father in this poem at home last night police are investigating the deadly shooting and said that officers found the man in his living room on chestnut oak Dr they believe shots were fired from outside the home Phillips told channel two the loss is tragic as a family we are devastated he was a brilliant kind beautiful spirit I mazing father the G. B. I was called in to help out with the investigation with at least six confirmed cases of covert nineteen the coronavirus Senate least eleven other presumptive positive cases well this is what some students at Georgia State University to call for a switch to online classes over coronavirus concerns the petition calls for the closure of the G. S. U. campus to ensure the safety of all students nearly ten thousand people have signed the petition well as far as Elena United head south of the border tomorrow for a champions league match at club America the team meet in the quarterfinals at Azteca stadium in Mexico City the return match will be next Wednesday Kennesaw state where W. A. okay weather forecast shows right now it is sixty degrees today you can expect a twenty percent chance of rain with temps topping off at sixty eight on.

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