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Actually the cbc because we eventually ended up on the cbc after you know two or three years of being on global in itv's edmonton and the cbc's suggested to me that the show needed some sort of canadian content which sort of did make a lot of sense because etienne content show right all all the the actors actors are in candidates correct literally did you won't mounties or you know back bacon one guy does that mean so i took that frustration back to the writer's room and dave and rick believe happened to be there and they quickly came up with bob and doug mckenzie and it became yet you're right a two minute filler in in the us in the us i was not particularly you know didn't think it was that they couldn't get it on nbc but we stuck with it in awfully what happened is it became a phenomenon a movie and record album you know quite extraordinary and you bring up the us setv was the first canadian show to be bought by us network what was it like to leave the bubble of canadian media how did things change besides the sort of the harder sell on things like bob and doug how how did things change when she went to the the the biggest challenge was that the network was you know constantly wanting to have their nominated producer on the show so we we burn through a lot of producers because they came to canada and you know the show is already established and the power of the cast was the show in so really the producer had no you know that were left in frustration 'cause they were being completely alienated it drove the network crazy story about how you are so excited that the the network accepted your first number the first offer you had and then you later realized they did that because it was a terrible offering you could pair lee create a comedy show with with those numbers without it was crazy i mean we'd lennon i used to go down to nbc and meet with brandon tartikoff who head of the network and you know the first time we went in there the first number they throughout we accepted and then we've been back in we start produced the show in realized okay we don't have enough money to go back again they'd give us more money this went on three or four.

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