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I got to tell you the sweetest thing. They saw me a lot I have five and seven year old. They saw me allowed over the last two days watching stuff. and. They would ask what are you doing on interview in my favorite person Oh Bill Gates way. So my seven year old watched a lot of the documentary with me and I was just leaving a come here and my seven year old came outside and she said. Daddy Good Luck Interviewing Bill Gates and I said, you know what? HONEY IF I do a bad job I come home you're still my daughter and I really that's the truth that is the truth like I could fuck this up nine ways till Sunday I could be disappointed myself and I walked through the door and I'm like Oh my God I'm that Little Girls Dad, it's all gravy. Absolutely. Give three yeah. Girl boy girl the what's the gap between the oldest and the youngest it's about three years, three years and then each. Yeah. So the youngest probably has a much different experience as your child than the oldest yet she got more time at the younger age. Of course, you're less interested because it's your third, right? Weird. It's a weird. Ratio. Oldest feels like we were way more strict with her. So she's like come on give me A. Why are you so easy on her she tries to parent her much younger sister a little bit. Anyway we're all works but. And this pandemic. It's mostly a bad thing but in terms of times with kids actually I've gotten way more than I expected and that's made it very special Leonardo Davinci's notebook. This is something that you bought at some point. Yeah. That's right is at one book or is there many? Well, he has several all of them except for this one are in European museums and don't travel. This is the only one that gets out and students around the world have a chance to engage with also you loan it, it travels nine months a year, and then it sits. In darkness the other three months. First of all, why did you want it? Well, it's kind of weird that somebody can own a Davinci I. mean he was the renaissance man he figured out things that nobody ever figured out his breadth of understanding was incredible. There's a great Walter Isaacson Book about him. Oh, I'll read that is a great writer on all the stuff. His Steve Jobs Book is probably the most popular it's just called jobs exactly. Yeah. That's one I read. Yeah. So I told Linda I'm going to buy a notebook could choose like. Notebook. Like. not this notebook so it's it's weird to own it but it it's just so brilliant is he if you had to list or rank the people that you were most enamored with as far as being intellectuals whereas he in that list well I did he pushed himself to understand things and the Broadway he did that he's up there. You know maybe twenty people who self motivated asking themselves constructive questions not giving up. That's inspirational. Do you need an Ip -S for did he write was some piece that inverted? It flipped it and did something else to it he wrote upside down and backwards but now the. Is that he did. I`Ma left hander and silence have ink on my hand and if you write like Davinci did then you'd never get inc on your hand because you're Monica Okay you're GonNa love this. So I requested for Monica. This is years ago..

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