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Today in the Log Mike Rosen at the movies today one teacher's Union in Aurora blocks money from education reformers. Denver is giving out lots of tickets because the D M V is swamped. The North Carolina lieutenant governor is not happy about being called the Clansman. Can Wells relationship with the governor be saved. Governor Pulis only counts liberals as gay people now. The CDC has lots of edicts before your Super Bowl party. Should we have the day off after the Super Bowl, Democrats make a choice that will bite them in the butt sooner rather than later. Even the Washington Post said Biden's bipartisan talk was garbage. A battlefield Puck gets a new home. Experts are baffled by the virus doing what the virus is going to do. And you need live Panda Cam 24 7. Those are the headlines on the block at K away news, radio dot com on the Mandy Connell page, and the Pandas are still wrestling, Dave The wrestling. That's what's happening right now. Panda wrasslin We're gonna have to ban you from the panda page. If I could tell them apart, we could bet on them. They look exactly the same. That would be like how do you I'm gonna bet on the black and white one. How do you do that? We should set up some kind of lab Panda cam betting system. I feel like, you know, drafting Fanduel. They're just not on this the way they should be. Okay. I feel like this is a whole new era in good. I should not have sent this to you. Well, I know what I'm gonna do with the rest of my day, at least till it gets dark in China. Oh, my gosh. You know, if you can't sleep at night, you can always check out the pen Panda camp. I think, yeah. Are they were how far ahead of us are They said that Zachary Like seven hours behind us, I think Depending on where they are in China. China's adjoin enormous country anyway, I won't look at that the whole Dale just if it's if I drift off. You just know I'm watching the pandas. Dave. Be ready to vamp today. A seriously good and if I just shout out Oh, no. It's because you know what Pan to kill the other parents? Yes, that's what's going on right there. I have. I'm gonna start at the top of the block today. Mike Rosen. The movie's coming in today at two Good news. Koreans and Dave have watched the movies. Typically, I have not so I'll sit quietly and while they discuss make and what's the other one of Denzel Washington, why can't remember It's the little things little things I get it confused with that. Liam Neeson, Honest thief, one And I keep calling it the little thief then like that's wrong. That's wrong. So Denzel Washington Honest things. Yeah. And manque, which has been nominated for CA Julian Gold Globe Awards. On Netflix. So they'll talk about that at two o'clock at one o'clock we have are really deep question of the day. And I already know this question. Maybe If that's the one the big wheel lands on Dave Had been holding knows who? No one of those questions that the answer. I think for most people is it depends on what part of your life you're in. And we'll get to that at one o'clock. But in the news, I have a lot of stuff. You know, Dave when I was talking about education reform, and I made the statement that education reform has bipartisan support, and you were like, no Well, we're talking about two different things in that. Among Democratic voters. There is very high support for school choice, especially in African American and Latino communities. Within Democratic leadership that has to be stopped because they are owned by the teachers. Unions on the Aurora Education Association is taking a move is making a move. That is effectively designed to lock out anyone from being able to buy their school board members like the teachers unions to you, and you know, people think I'm over the top with this, but after any school board election Go back and look and see how much the teachers unions, their packs or money was given two packs to support their school board members. It's in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. You cannot expect to raise that from individual donors that the donor limits that we have in Colorado. So if you guys were all mad about, you know people being bought that we need to fix our campaign finance laws. So that unions can't outspend. Their opponents tend to one or 15 to 1 or 22 1, which is what happens on a regular basis in school board elections. There is an organization called Democrats for Education reform. They are very supportive of school reform, innovative schooling school choice. They want kids to have the best education available to them at any time, and they're looking for the means to make that happen wherever it comes from. And now the Aurora Education Association, which is the teacher's union that represents the teachers in Aurora, have said that they will not endorse or support any candidate. That accepts donation money from Democrats for education reform or similar groups. So that means that every member of the school board in Aurora is going to be bought and paid for by the teachers unions because nobody is going to be able to work with discuss or even cooperate with any of the organizations that actively advocate for school choice. Because they cannot afford to not be funded by the teachers unions. You know, And here's the thing. Years and years ago in Douglas County, Florida, they just Douglas County, Colorado, They decided that they were not gonna work with the teachers unions anymore, And there was a big push a reform movement. People got elected to the school board and the teachers unions did nothing but wreak havoc for the entire tenure of that board, showing up at meetings, screaming, yelling, carrying on interrupting things, creating chaos. And then they during the next election cycle. They went out and said, Hey, if you left us We'll bring calm back to the district. Because they were the ones creating mayhem. And it's sickening, and it happens over and over and over and over again and until there is a consistent and concerted, an organized effort to give enough money to packs that run candidates that are not beholden to teachers unions. The teachers unions will keep your Children out of school in a pandemic. That's the only reason kids are back in school. Full time. Teachers unions don't want it. Period full stop. And now this little end around This little end around is going to remove the voice from anyone who supports school reform, whether they're Republican or Democrat from the from the city of Aurora. And boy Aurora public schools are tearing it up over there. Their achievement gap is obscene. 30% of black students in Aurora can read on grade level 30. 30..

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