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How would you sell our jewelry with knowing we have a forty thousand person face? You mean, how would you sell the people that are selling it to be more progressive or encourage our people to sell in two thousand eighteen. What would be the advice? I would give him to sell versus than what should we do to inspire him to actually do my advice? I would tell them to sell them. Instagram's stories and on YouTube and podcast. I would tell them everything. I put out every day the internet's the real world the real world's fake world. That's my fucking answer and the quicker people start understanding that the quicker their behavioral change, I understand how ideologically funded is to think of an old time when you read your fucking newspaper with a coffee and the world was nice and slow mazal tov that doesn't exist anymore. There used to be a time when we used to shoot a fuck in elephant and eat it raw like it's over. I'm sorry. It's fucking nineteen forty-nine anymore. So you would encourage so if he were one of my desires affiliates distributor. Yup. You wanna call it? Encourage him go social from the business model your business your way, this is what you love. But hey, before you say, you're only going to do it this way, try this. And from a corporate perspective from train them from a corporate perspective, I would quadruple down on in person events and content to inspire our team. Visit content to inspire the feller spelling. It's it's like this do this do this do this versus. Hey, let me show you how to do this very different things. It's pretty cute for you to make a forty second. Second video in me to say, go do it. It's different than like, actually like okay and Monday, we're going to train you how to post them incident story and Tuesday, We're going to Becky Thomson. You know, mama bear on Instagram showing how shade and on Wednesday. We're going to do this. And don't forget this Saturday in Atlanta, Dallas and El Paso worth a Holiday Inn with doing fuck and physical workshops. Showing correct doing what a hundred percent outside of your world because you don't want to put pressure on other sellers who think that you're forcing them to give up their competitive advantage, which will dilute their advantage. Do you village? There's incentivize platform. Incentivize them. Encourage them through some sort of contest or something for the most thing soul on you. You could. But what you're doing? Then is you're creating bad behavior. One of the things that people don't understand about the psychology of people is short term incentives or short term incentives. The quality of your customer matters, the quality of your employees matters. The reason I don't have a one size fits all for my employees is directs not motivated by title. But I have one hundred thirty seven people that are. How you get one hundred thirty seven people. So we'd all be really hurt for us to track that would be suggestive. But how do you get the hundred and thirty seven people don't wear beating old marketing agency that can think new and fresh because the majority of people college actions by actions by by your act by putting out the content. I try to convince no one I just end up being stoically. Correct. Hiring. So hiring whoever you hire your team internally. How do you not get the old school? How do you find the people without the also you get ready go all video people look at you like what you've got to print an ad in vote. Like you said by five not reality by firing. The answer to a question is a very interesting question. I don't I didn't know what the fuck Dirac was going to do. I was just prepared to fire him after ninety days. If he wasn't good. The answer to hiring is actually firing. Do you have the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl? They kept cutting the fiftieth to fifty third guy on the team consistently and kept picking up new guys until fifty two fifty three can also contribute..

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