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A good person and think that you guys is a gender neutral term not be like I don't know offensive? I guess I think you absolutely can be but I. I really want to make clear that. I'm not trying to separate myself from you as someone who's like I'm ahead of the curve. I shouldn't have said maybe God don't believe in God but I do think that what you're feeling. I think is the way a lot of people who feel like they've been made to feel like bad people. Social justice movements are feeling where you get to a certain point where you're like I've been. I've try so hard every day and I think at a certain point. Also the older you get. I know you're only twenty two. Yeah but at a certain point you get to a place like your software like. I'm not updating anymore. This is this is far. This doesn't run. I run on Microsoft. Ninety eight and I can't switch to the new thing I can't anymore and I think there's a pain really of going from one thing to the next thing and it gives us people who are like think of ourselves as socially just people a window when we get called out a window into what it feels right right right when you go back to your parents to be like no. You can't say whatever reality can't say exactly although I should say. My mother who is Asian Says Oriental every day every Asian to say it all the time screams it out and the driveway and then goes back inside empathize. But what I'm saying is empathize with what you're feeling and I also think you could. You are a good person. Thank you but there's like I think like one of the corner by being a good person. That's like an active continually evolving thing. No you're right it is. It is evolving thing and and it's funny because I got the second the other time I got. This email was maybe like in year. One of this podcast. I thought about it and I was like Okay well if I get more emails like this. I'll really think about it and then I got one more email like three and a half years later a psychological. You know an interest- interesting because I also think there is a way of looking at language. I and I totally see what you're saying that I could just be having an okay boomer moment where. I'm having a hard time adjusting but I feel like I don't have a hard time adjusting with nearly everything that's come out of the social justice movements of the last five years. I have no problems with it. I supported I champion it. I'm out there. I'm on the streets holding signs. I do all of that okay. But a with certain with this type of thing. I'm all I think they're the. Why don't we repurpose? Why ARE WE RE purposing? Something that's not that so innocuous to begin with. Maybe because you know what I mean. Maybe we're like at this moment. Where it's just a misogynist so insidious that we just got to cut the words per minute and then we can go back to you guys when we have a female president. We'll be able to save publicly again when president. I mean the whole my whole support of Elizabeth. Warren was premised on notion that I could keep. Continuing is a planet. Can we talk very quickly? And this is so stupid about alternatives. There's a few in in the many articles that have been written about this Friends folks everyone. Someone wrote colleagues someone wrote scholars gang team. Y'All and someone wrote guys like Hey. Hey someone wrote guys and girls which I thought that's a terrible option because girls makes it sound like the women in the rumor children man and sex pots harlot sluts virgins. Mr What am I say to? Us guys does that help at all. Sound like Foghorn Leghorn. It's better all right. Thank you. For this very self-centered question addressed to for me for Mayan help in my own thinking. Thanks for getting me through it Jennifer. Did you have another something to add? I do do. We have like three minutes. Because it's actually something I would want to know your take on yet but if we don't have three minutes. I got in trouble on twitter recently surprise surprise but I want to know. Ethically what you both? What you all think about this. What you guys think about this. I just was on twitter. It's really sad right now seeing people Die and like people morning them and I wanted to. Just give throw everyone bone. Give them some good news so I just wrote breaking news. Stephen Miller has tested positive for cove in nineteen. I realize how viral it would go. I didn't realize that many many journalists who I respect like re tweeted it without fact checking it. I literally had I kind of surgical viral I put in my twitter bio don't quote me And then people got very upset with me for spreading fake news but is it is it. My responsibility is a comedian. And is it fake news as much as like satire or like a feel good story that people can just you know? Stephen Miller is young enough like there are jokes that maybe his the virus can attache like oil lipid shall we don't know but is was that wrong. I did delete it but I did let it go viral for a couple of days before I leave very mad at me very mad at me and then somebody wrote an article about it. It was so dumb. What are your thoughts? First of all any any journalist who re tweets something without looking into it is like. That's their own bad hon dope e if you're a writer at the Washington Post and you just re tweet Jena Friedman stating a fact without that'd be major national news if that were effect so it's wild that someone would be myself it could of been a fact like the only reason guy wrote an article in the daily dot. It's because I started writing. Hey journalists take down but I'm leaving it up. And then some New York Mag writer who I thought was like cool. Took like a bunch of my tweets and like made me look like an like. He's like maybe I was like spiraling because people were like being so mean and I was reading the comments and I was like you guys. I'm just trying to make you feel good. And they're like you and so then I was just like backtracking. And then he took like four of my tweets in a row and was like okay and then I felt like a boomer. It's so funny how we're all feeling this like all the time that we've been being like you people don't get it and everyone's pointing us being like actually your like them. Can't you guys? Just Look Stephen. Miller puts kids in cages. He's a Jewish Nazi. I can't even get my head around that. He might have Cova We. There are so many silent carriers. You don't technically no he doesn't I just don't sad thing about the joke is in the sad thing about twitter. Oh and there was no punchline. It was satire. That's the other thing to really. Where's your punch line? I'm like it's funnier. That people believe this is real having some dumb joke. That like twenty other people are doing because we're all doing the same jokes because we all are living the same now the same healthcare okay. I think the sad thing about the satire is that it would in and this is the problem with twitter. Is that it's completely out of context. A bunch of people. Who Don't know you were now reading this. And they don't understand that it's at tire they don't if you were doing that on stage sandwiched between all of your material and people could see who you are and the type of material you do like coming out of you. I'm one hundred percent not surprised by that tweet. Like I would read it and I would ask Jennifer Friedman. You know what I mean. That's what I love about her. She fucking says it and But the problem twitter is that we don't have the benefit of like I love Jennifer. I know which he does. This is what she burn the witch. Burn the witch. It's funny because I wrote a tweet last night that I was worried. And I wrote hazy. Novo's remember when you thought burqas were bad built in facemask ban and I was worried about that and some people got back by the way burgers or not safe for like you know I was just like. Oh God and the doctor and your doctor would be like I'm going to prescribe Hydra whatever. It is also a burqa right but I think People are sensitive right now sensitive right now and I think when we wanna do something that has that were questioned. I added Bam to the Sweet. So then it was clear that I wasn't joking right. I don't know if that worked but I think you can make jokes but you know what you have to kind of make it at your own risk may now. I guess my question is should I do it again? Bannet has should be Alex Jones as this happened to you guys. People upsets me multiple times and like over zoom hangouts like I wished trump would get corona virus. And a second part of that sentence which. I'm not going to repeat and I get deeply uncomfortable. Obviously I don't want anyone to die. Whatever I don't want even to be misconstrued that anyone should think that I would want anyone to die. However horrendous that person is rate and people are sort of more cavalier about saying that out loud because they're because also people are just stuck in there fucking bunkers with a really botched response at the federal level. So it's like you're feeling about Stephen. Miller is just coming through every pore with the anger and the intensity and they didn't have to be this way you mother fucker you know and so I i. I wanted to give people good news because so many good people are dying so many like the musician. The couple musicians. Yeah and then the one atom session singer Transit Workers Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah no I mean the bus driver in Detroit like all of these people and so then just to see that Stephen Miller got it just sparks joy to think that there's Karma it's just rekondo into this. I think if you were to make video like this explaining the joke and posted on twitter. Yeah yeah that's what I do is explain explain. Their jokes really joke. It was like performance are known writing that. And that's when the guy like screen shotted. This screen shot of other people's tweets and is so aggressive and creepy. And I really. I think it's one of those other side moments where you're like. Oh when I read other articles about people being like this this it's this this out and then you're like wait. I just wanted you and then like but the four of those tweets together and then it's like a New York Mag writer doing it and you're like avalanched under all deeply unkind replies. Dying may twitter. I've never been. Nobody has any idea who I am. That's never happened I cannot do. It does seem terrible to be avalanched under so and it's also like it feels like an avalanche but it's like fifty people or whatever replying you know what I mean. I just wanted to put in New York magazine. That's a different story. Well I think also when you get picked up by like Alex Jones or Breitbart or whatever I have you have to write Jonah. Been picked up by those on. I can't even say I've been on a big Nazi rag that I don't even want to invoke. Yeah but the other thing is I mentioned with those guys pick you up. They picked me up on this too because I mentioned not see. I said what's the worst thing that could happen if people actually think that Stephen Miller has kobe he'll have to like pitches. Nazi policies via zoom and but writing. Not Seeing the tweet then got the Nazis Environment. Delivered directly to our trolls. Who aren't even real saying like you're GonNa like all this shit. Sorry to cut you off Nobody thought when you and I don't know if this has been your experience by getting when you get picked up by the far-right is that they don't. I mean they will fucking go at it for like three full days and and they will leave thousands of comments. You know you have to put your to private and just yeah I started. I was getting that so I I just I never put my Vija private but I just stepped away from twitter for like two days once because I couldn't handle it but but but the nice thing is is this too shall pass like it always passes you know what I mean. They get they get alarmed they get into something else and then you move on and so even with this thing. Even you know the purest on twitter will stop harassing you. All right you guys what do you think of Jenner? Friedman's tweet so let me journey. It's Gone Yeah. We don't we don't ever have to talk about it again. I just wanted to know what you guys saw. Because I haven't seen you or anyone. We also note. Stephen Miller is a huge fan of this podcast. She'll probably he'll probably email me. He has it maybe he does have it. You guys actually so yeah. Ap He actually has all right. You guys I normally on the show by asking how you feel but instead I'm GonNa ask what is making you feel hopeful..

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