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To your podcasts and hit that subscribe but to inform more greek stories writing your feed october tenth. Nineteen fifty seven. Is the date the windscale fire results in britain's worst nuclear accident but in the magical wonderland abella lawyers proved. Just how slimy they could be. I'm dillon foley. And this is archives of abella beyond our world there is love beyond our world there is war beyond our world there is life beyond our world there is bella lieber eighteen fifty nine fifty seven f. Why fidelis year. Equal to october tenth. Nineteen fifty seven. Ad earth year. A young blonde maker apprentice working at a shock and hercules. Fantasia for san francisco is on a map of earth arrives to work when day to make a startling discovery. They're lying on the floor. Was the cold corpse of his mentor. A wizard named afars ullah perks. Murders are rare but the thing that makes this case notable is that loop. Rex has been turned inside out. No known curse is powerful enough to accomplish this feat. The old vaughn maker doesn't even look human. He's just a bloody mass of organs and nerves. Whoever did this didn't just want to kill bricks. They wanted to make a show of it. Illu rex was a wealthy and well respected wizard with a vast estate worth millions. Initially the warden's their rise that the wand maker was the victim of a robbery gone bad but when nothing is found missing the idea is dismissed. Su who could have killed afars ula perks and volley hours after the gruesome discovery. A woman steps forward with an unusual claim. She announces her name is trixie will the pranks and she has a marriage certificate with. Oh far us up until now there has been no mention of mrs ulla perks by any of viruses close associates and trixie is no less than thirty years younger than her quote unquote husband so investigators are immediately suspicious. Trixie is a witch with a bad reputation in the community. She is arrested and charged with murder. She swears that sheaves simply a grief stricken widow who has been falsely accused at the trial. Doubt is cast over. Oh far as-as signature. Prosecutors suggest that it may not be genuine. Evidence was presented that trixie had fed her boyfriend the shape changing trauma milk potion to transform him into afforest ula perks for the wedding prosecutors allege that trixie faked her wedding tulip rakes then murdered him to lay claim to his estate. It seems like an easy verdict but tricks crafty. Defense lawyers of taft and perner kiss are quick to realize that they can delay conviction by dragging the trial out so they take every legal advantage. They can to along with trial including accusing the judges a favouritism taking their time examining evidence requesting recesses and declaring mistrials the case drags on for forty years. The death of trixie herself isn't even enough to bring the trial into an end. There are even accusations levelled against the law firm of tapped and perner guests for bribing the jury to take their time delivering a verdict. The trial finally comes to an end. When ulu prix's estate is completely dry and the gross amount of lawyers handling the case have gained all they can from the situation. Trixie is posthumously declared guilty in the aftermath the city of hercules and ulla prix's rightful heirs. Bring a lawsuit against taft and purna cus for all the legal shenanigans. They polled.

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