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Back. Ladies and gentlemen. We are back. Poi- ga. i'm your hopes. Burned davis aka too easy aka boom. Diso this is i heart. Slick collaboration the point god podcast shut out. Iheart radio now. What is a point. Guard someone with god given talent of bill leadership pioneer artistry talent skills originality authenticity. Now guess what ladies and gentlemen taking you to new york city to day. Follow me as we cruise omar drone in my drone play as we had gone over the historic rucker. Part the rucker part that the point guy on a previous episode sham talked about the rucker park that all new york legends goto to claim they pay as zero in on that joan play star flashing back to to to to to to start flashing back to the nineties skinny dude saucy big be big hands. Flare charisma style. Showmanship defense doll move. Lie the great fierce competitor new york. Let her off to move. He's coming down the court he skipping. Everybody in the crowd is going. Oh dude he gets the ball back. He put his his leg on the deuce chest and to dribble between his legs near spin. Move off the backboard. Somebody coming done. I saw this with my own eyes. Ladies and gentlemen was some skit with man bladder beyond that. I appreciate you man. Welcome to the point. God podcast show sponsor by iheart presented by slick man. Let's get into it. Was something my dog. You are legend broth. So happy i get to do this. Show bro. roses show good. Glad to be on man. Glad to be respected all across the united states. Especially you know where you guys grow. Bad with basketball is just as phenomenal as neil out there. West coast man. Take me like when did you discover basketball. And then at what point did you discover like. I'm nice at this shit. Well basketball from you just the early now. I five years only put the ball my hand. A lot of things came natural Back where they they would. Just show me you know from day. One you've got one hand doing just did it naturally then I was about seven years old. I started going to buy myself a. We didn't know where the other friends on the block. We go to poke ourselves. We'll sit on a in queens. The queasy south jamaica between kamal south sides. Stand up. we would go to and watch the older jews playing then we go to our other coin. Emily everything we just do. So you know You know that's how things started with me man. Not i was eight nine ten. You can see my skill. Set was a head on my way above average. Yeah you know so you know. New york city is the is big as five boroughs. And what happens is they. Take you out of your borough and you start to see cats in brooklyn harlem bronx in eight. Oh and that's when. I realized okay. I had a little little more work to do Feel you must be playing with a guest each other up in again once. I got my first taste a plan. Against a lot of guys that step on greenery sham gonna do not really took game another level and then you know it was like around. I say i was like thirteen fourteen. I knew that. I got a shot with this thing. You know in a in a lot of coaches and even plays around. Have you know. Obviously you keep working st clair all stuff. They had a good shot shot. Shot at the crazy man. My diamonds diamonds diamonds. Like you kareem reid. Sad staff right and damn near different right we. All last name is different. Boroughs break break break down the like the boroughs to the point. God right like like. What's the difference between a brooklyn point guard to queens point gar. Santa san was on the show and he said harlem.

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