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His novels are often overly long lack craft for not driven in the slightest way by plot really. It's almost as if the volume gets turned up on bellows interior preoccupations and you accompany them for a span of four to six hundred pages and and then the volume goes down I like him at shorter length. Seize the day is a masterpiece of concision and and dramatic focus in a way. I recently discovered a collection of such works at the most random thing in the world. My daughter fifteen year old daughter and i were driving in maine in a little rural community. And there's a white tent with a bunch of books underneath and there's no mistaking it. It's a public library book sale. We go over one hundred percent on the honor system. You leave whatever you please in the little jar. Nobody was there from the library. And you take whatever books you want. And so i was like listen. Let's get the cart. Let's get the horse before the cart here. I put ten bucks in the jar. And i said if we take a book we take a book. Go ahead and we went and both look to. I think we both walked away with a book. Mine was a collection by saul bellow called him with this fitness mouth. Which i'd never read before and it's him at kind of short longer than short story shorter than novella length. And they're also from a period that i don't think anyone would call his heyday. I mean this mostly stories dating from the seventies and eighties including one. He wrote for a very early. Tina brown issue of the Vanity fair and the nineteen eighties. And i think they probably gave him a six figure..

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